Saturday, December 25, 2010

Biretta Sightings

Some photos of Pinoy clerics wearing the biretta...while in the Philippines.

These are wonderful photos of wonderful priests of the Archdiocese of Cebu, a wonderful Archdiocese.

Again as I have said before...You will NEVER EVER see priests wear this in Manila!  NEVER EVER!

Why?  Because they will be ridiculed and even persecuted.

And I base this on actual experience.

PS:  You might notice something in this photo.  I'll let you guys point it out.


  1. Most of those wearing the biretta in the photo are monsignori. :D

  2. Great post!

    Before I comment, may I ask what's the occasion for this Liturgy and what part it is.

    It confuses me to see Monsignori in "CHORO" wearing stoles.

    The Monsignor on the front left facing away from the viewer is also wearing his Biretta the wrong way if anyone noticed.

  3. I am not particular of the vests of monsignori during their investiture of their titles. But I am sure that they have to be in choir for this.

    The biretta should be worn with the middle wing on the right side of the bearer's head. Yes, Giovanni, you noticed it that it was wrong.

    Secondly, the birettas of the monsignori should have been trimmed with amaranth red and with a matching tuft. Plain black tufted birettas are for priests. Tuft less birettas are for seminarians.

  4. If this was their Investiture, I would like to congratulate both the Reverend Monsignori and the Archdiocese of Cebu as well as His Eminence Ricardo Cardinal Vidal and his successor, His Excellency Archbishop Jose Palma for this rather large number of clerics raised in the Prelatical Dignity.

    I spot two classes of Monsignori in the picture. Chaplains of His Holiness, which is the lowest grade in the present system. They have the right to wear a black cassock trimmed in purple and with it the purple fascia both in "CHORO" and in "PIANO." The second is an Honorary Prelate, the second highest grade in the present system. They have the right to wear the Purple wool cassock trimmed in crimson silk with the purple fascia for CHORO. For the Abito Piano, they have the right to wear the black cassock trimmed in amaranth silk with the purple fascia, they could add the purple Ferriaolone for solemn occasions.

    With regards to the Biretta, there are actually small distinctions. I am certain about their classes because of both the Cassock and the Biretta.

    @ The Pinoy Catholic: WIth the Motu Proprio Pontificalis Domus as well as the current ecclesiastical and liturgical norms still in force, only the Highest Class of Monsignori, Protonaries Apostolic de Numero (In Roma Exclusiva), have the right to wear the Black Silk Biretta with the Amaranth tuft and (amaranth red lining.) All other classes, even the Protonaries Apostolic Supra Numerum, the highest class found outside of Rome do not have that privilege. The Two low classes of Monsignori wear a Black Silk Biretta with Black tuft and lined in purple. While the P.A. Supra Numerum wear a Black Silk Biretta with Black tuft and lined in Amaranth.

    Also, the tuft actually does not denote the wearer is a Seminarian/Deacon from a Priest. It is actually a wrong understanding of tradition. The Tuft or POM is actually of French origin in the late 17th Cent. Romans dont use the POM other than to denote the Class of Monsignori. Hence also the Cardinatalial Biretta does not sport the Tuft. So wether you are Priest or from the Lower Clergy, you may or may not use the POM, it's all a matter of taste for the Cleric.

    I pray this helps you and your wonderful readers!