Saturday, November 20, 2010

Words of Wisdom: Relativism

 Address of then Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, before the Papal Conclave of 2005.

"Today, a particularly insidious obstacle to the task of education is the massive presence in our society and culture of that relativism which, recognising nothing as definitive, leaves as the ultimate criterion only the self with its desires. And under the semblance of freedom it becomes a prison for each one, for it separates people from one another, locking each person into his or her own ego"

I remember a group of priests writing something along those lines that we leave to the individual conscience of the couples to decide which type of contraception they want to use.

Whatever happened to the moral authority of the Church over Her flock?

That is what is at stake here my folks and that which is being promoted by the anti-Catholics.

Complete anarchy if you tell me except following the rules and advise of the anarchists themselves.

Oxymoron or Irony.  Both.

Then we are left with this:  The Church or the Moral Anarchists?


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    But why? His offense is beyond anti-catholicism and apparently, a lot of his supporters are dumb to cry out loud!

    Perhaps, they are wailing because they want to take up the challenge you put up for him?

    Then so be it. Free him on PROBATION. If he can't put his money where his mouth is, then drag him back to the dungeon where sissies are manhandled.

    Or he likes it there to stay? A lot of six-pack felons await!