Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vatican newspaper betrayed the Pope

Excerpts from the article written by Phil Lawler in Catholic Culture.

Those of us who received advance copies of Light of the World were told that the text was under a very strict embargo. We were forbidden to quote from it, cite it, or even make any specific revelations about its content until the formal launch of the book this week. Such embargos are not unusual in the world of publishing (although the publishers were unusually stern about it in this case), and professional journalists routinely honor them.

Then, incredibly, the Vatican’s own newspaper violated the embargo. Betraying the publishers and breaking trust with all the other journalists who were fulfilling their promises, L’Osservatore Romano reproduced a passage from the Pope’s interview. And not just any passage. The Vatican newspaper reproduced—without explanation or comment—a passage in which Pope Benedict reflected on the possibility that in some extreme cases, the impulse to use a condom might show a flickering of unselfishness in a seriously corrupted conscience.

Moreover, L’Osservatore broke the embargo, and published the excerpt, during a weekend when the Vatican was happily distracted by a consistory. At a time when Church leaders should have been celebrating a joyous occasion—the elevation of 24 members to the College of Cardinals—top Vatican officials were scrambling to explain the Pope’s words, which had been published prematurely and outside of their proper context.


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I expect heads to roll after this. Figuratively speaking.


  1. Head should definitely roll. They did not just betrayed the Pope but also betrayed the Catholic faithful as well.

    Is there malice why they selected that statements of the many statements inside the book? I think so.

  2. Yes, Ishmael.

    And they did not offer any interpretation nor did they advise the proper dicasteries about this.

    There indeed is malice!

  3. Indeed,There are Some People who want to make The Pope Look bad!!!