Saturday, November 6, 2010

This is a no brainer

And Kung's world is such a happy place to live in?

Ain't it.

Look at what he stands for.

And he still calls himself Catholic!

Give credit to Martin Luther!

He can't change the Church with his heretical views, he created his own, thinking that THAT is the way the Church should be.

Get out, Kung! Anathema sit! You and your lot!

You are a lost cause. May God have mercy on your soul!


  1. Rev Kung is still a Catholic and no Pope has stripped him of the faculties of dispensing the sacrament. It is better that Fr Kung is in the Church. Even he will balk at the kind of theology being paraded in the Anglican Communion!

  2. Doc Ben, Kung denied Papal Infallibility which is a Catholic dogma. Denying it in public carries a stiff penalty of excommunication which surprisingly he is not meted with. John Paul II, when asked by journalists about Kung's denial, quipped "Kung is infallible."

  3. Kung is no longer Catholic. Vatican I is clear that denial of the dogma makes one a heretic. Kung is a heretic and has drawn to himself the anathemas of Vatican I. Rome only has to formalize his decent to heresy. Nonetheless, I would argue that his masses are PROBABLY valid, and informally licit, unless declared by Rome to the contrary.