Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rabid Harlots issue an open challenge to the CBCP

If supporting the RH Bill means excommunication, then EXCOMMUNICATE ME.

That is the new open challenge of Filipino Freethinkers who call themselves New Jose Rizal or Rational Heroes.

I know there is a million and one reasons to throw up at how they call themselves but going back to their challenge.

Are all the Rabid Harlots Catholics?  How can we prove it?  Do they know their parish?  Do they have their certificate of baptism and confirmation to confirm their membership into the Catholic Church?

Maybe these Thinkers need to THINK that they have to be Catholic first before they can even be excommunicated.

And for all I care, it is not about the RH Bill that they after.  IT IS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

And if some of them are indeed Catholic, I urge the CBCP to do so!

Give them hell if they insist on walking through hellfire and brimstone!

I know the Freemasons are giddy about this renewed and more intense attack on the Church.

Someone is doing the dirty work for them.


  1. If they think they are not Catholic, then they should just say they are not. The Church will respect their choice. If they want to be Excommunicated, then they publicly should declare they are Catholic first, which to me is not Freethinking at all but Freedumbing!