Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pro-RH Bill's ugly heads

Pro-RH Bill created not one but THREE FB pages against the group "I Oppose the RH Bill".

The administrators of the group then grabbed the photos of people whop are active in the discussion against the RH Bill and painted it with obscenities that do not even deserve space in this blog.

Obviously, you know where the RH Bill is heading to, right?

From the three groups, this is the page that has the obscene and vandalized photos of anti-RH Bill advocates.

I Oppose the RH Reproductive Health BILL Sucks

Go to the page and report it to the FB Administrators as these groups are against the policy of FB.

Click report page at the bottom left corner.


  1. The pro RH people are fueled by a combination of ignorance and hatred. A common theme amongst them is "responsible parenthood". You would think that they were living in 1967. Not even taking into consideration that artificial birth control is largely made up of abortificants, it has very little to do with parenthood in married couples. As as happened with most cultures that embraced the culture of death, a large percentage of birth control users will be young unmarried people exercising their rights of "responsible parenthood" by not becoming parents. In the Philippines, it will be much easier for the Spanish feudal lords (the Aquinos, Zubiris, etc) to keep mistresses and toss them out when they get old. At least in the old days they felt a responsibity of financially providing these illegitimate children of theirs and their mothers. With rampant promiscuity the effects will more divorce, sexually transmitted diseases, child abuse, pornography and teen pregnancies.

    The elites are riding on the fallacy that culling the population will solve the problems of poverty endemic to the Philippines. Yeah, solve poverty by getting rid of poor people. The real problem is the mismanagement of the country by the same wealthy family who operate as feudal lords and *are* the government in their regions. Just as any other country in derived from Spain or Portugal (in Central or South America).

    Sadly, whenever I look at articles on the RH bill in the Filipino press, the comments section are full of vitrol against Christianity by atheists and ignorant people. The sad truth is that many Filipinos are already lost to the church. The time is ripe for the devil to make his move.

    We all know that birth control is legal in the Philippines. The issue here is free birth control thrown at the entire population (lucrative for the pharmaceutical companies) and sex education aimed at 9 year old designed to rob them of their innocence.

    What will happen in the Philippines as it transitions from a young to a geriatric nation? As it is a poor country no one will immigrate there. A comparable test case will be Serbia. Kosovo is the Serbian homeland and the Belgrade area was Hungarian before the first world war. There existed a tiny Albanian Muslim population at that time. Since the second world war the Serbian Christians embraced birth control and tiny families while the Albanian Muslims did not and continued to have very large families. The demographics shifted to the late 90s where the Muslims were the majority and the Christians were the minority and the Muslims seized power. I predict that in 70 years the Philippines will be much the same with a much larger Muslim population and a dwindling Christian population. That is the future that Noynoy is giving the Philippines.

  2. TPC, you run a fine blog. Please correct me if I write anything incorrect below.

    I have a feeling that the Bishops in the Philippines did a very poor job in teaching the faithful. The media certainly made everyone aware of the Church's teaching against birth control and went further by ridiculing it. The church did not meet the challenge by teaching why birth control is wrong. They neglected their responsibility and allowed the faithful to get instructed by the evil one.

    Pope Paul VI was prophetic when he wrote in Humanae Vitae that one day birth control will be forced on populations by governments. More than any country in the world, the Philippines is now following this path.

    Noynoy claims to be Catholic, but says he is following his conscious in promoting the RH bill. Jose Zubiri claims to be Catholic but then brags to the media that the government can push the RH because the population does not listen to the church. That these men can claim to be Catholic while overtly promoting evil is a paradox. Their supporters (Celdran and company) are largely made up of church hating atheists. If the bishops do not discipline them then the church will lose credibility amongst the faithful and the decline will worsen. These men should be excommunicated not only for the sake of their own souls but for the many others they are leading to perdition. At present, they are nothing more then walking mockeries of the Catholic church.