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Pro-RH Bill forgot what the Church did in 1986

That was what I was saying in previous posts and I am glad the great Cardinal-Archbishop of Cebu said it too.

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I read the same report at the ABS-CBN website and they watered it down.  Yuck!  Or as my friend Carlos Palad at Rorate Caeli said in his brand of "Chinese"  Way Yu Si Kei!

MANILA, Nov. 7, 2010—Speaking before 500 delegates during the 17th Asia-Pacific Congress on Faith and Family, Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal said the Church’s struggle to preserve and promote the values conducive to nurturing faith, family and life appears to be heading “towards a head-on collision” with those who push for the passage of RH Bill. [It is just a battle of pharmaceutical companies and Lagayman vs. the Church.]

He downplayed claims by some sectors that the Catholic Church tries to impose itself on the rest of the citizenry.

“The Church is being portrayed as an intolerant power block bent on imposing its will on the nation, running roughshod over the will of most Filipinos,” the 79-year old prelate said. [Like what my pervert boss says.  HA!  I was waiting to blog that!]

He noted that during the EDSA I and II, “when the issue was political, and the goal was toppling a dictator or a corrupt leader, the Church was hailed as a force for reform and liberation.”  [HUZZAH!!!]

Having served President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines in 1986, he said when the voice of the Church proved a useful instrument to attain the tipping point, “virtually everyone whose voice mattered praised the role of the Church.”  [I asked my boss where he was during Edsa 1, and like the whimp that he is, he was at his room while the whole country was in political turmoil.  Yet, here he is barking his head off, like an clashing cymbal!]

“Now that the issue is moral and much more proper to the Church’s concern, we are accused of using undue influence and interfering in politics,” he added. [Yet Celdran is not talking about the meddling in politics of the INC, for the Manalo Church's open endorsement of poll candidates, threatening members with expulsion. And now their open support for artificial birth control.  Isn't this meddling in politics as they are supporting a government measure?  What?  Meddling in politics is limited in the spectrum of those going against government regulations?  And you are not meddling in politics if you support government policies?  See their argument?]

He said he witnessed bishops and archbishops who drafted the post-election statement which declared the 1986 elections was marked by massive fraud. [As there are bishops who'd rather sit on the sidelines rather than do something about it.]

He further said had the bishops then thought it undemocratic to issue that statement and if they respected the views of those who thought contrary to their opinion, history might have made a few more twists and turns before something like EDSA could happen. [And those very same people who were there at EDSA, like Jim Paredes, had the gall to criticize the involvement of the Church in the RH issue.  How idiotic can that be!]

“I assure you, the drafters of the statement did not rely on surveys and opinion polls as they read the situation based on their collective experience as they illumined their experience with principles from Scriptures and Church doctrines because they drew conclusions using right reason and sound logical principles,” he explained. [Truth is not a numbers game!  Live with it!  Even if the entire country allows gay unions, it will still be not natural since one needs a man and a woman to create another human being even if you result to immoral conception methods!  You still need a man and a woman!]

Cardinal Vidal told the delegates that it is the same right to speak from the same principle which is being exercised by the Church as the issue then was not about toppling a dictator “but the reclaiming of justice.”

“The issue not is not about claiming the power to dictate, but the protection of the values that hold our nation together and while the issues than and now may be different, the Church uses the same principles in its courses of action – what the Holy Father (Benedict XVI) calls as ‘the ethical foundation of civil discourse,” he added.  [Dona Consolacion and her cohorts cannot be in this discourse as they are uncivilized!]

Referring to churchmen who criticize the Church for its vigorous opposition to the Bill on democratic principles who “may have also missed the point” because to reduce the debate into a purely religious issue is to imply that the objective moral principles that ground consensus are subjective opinions which will be open to further debates.  [In a sense, morality is NOT an opinion!]

Cardinal Vidal explained in many cases when consensus is not attained “the resulting action has always been one of license – to allow everybody to do what he or she wants as long as nobody gets hurt.”  ["I can do whatever I want with my life and my body as long as I do not hurt you or take advantage of others."  Well, buy your own island and make your own laws there!]

He said there is more to the RH Bill in its current form than mere democratic consensus or license because “if the RH Bill, in its present form passes into law, ironically, it will annul consensus” because it will impose itself on the consciences of individuals. [And the nerve of Lagayman to say the Church is imposing itseldf on its members.  Remember the simple test I posted days back?]

It will penalize virtually anyone who speaks against it because it will mandate employers, even if against their will, to provide contraceptives to their employees,” he added. He also explained the bill will subject the country’s young to a brand of sex education that is foreign to Philippine culture and corrosive to values as it purports to reject abortion but classified abortifacients as essential medicines."  [Elementary pupils as young as 10 will be taught their sexual rights and the means to have a satisfying and “safe” sex life as mandated by the bill.  Don't you think that this is Western lifestyle being shoved down our throats?]

The cardinal concluded by saying “it is this spectre of a society that has lost its moral bearings that keeps me from throwing in the towel even though I am now retired.”  [And thank God he didn't!]

He reiterated his commitment to stand with human life advocates as they engage the larger society in dialogue as well as work together in “purifying” reason to recognize the objective moral principles essential to the proper functioning democracy.

The international congress is being held at the Hotel Dusit Thani, Makati City from November 6 to 8. (Melo M. Acuna)


It is the time to be more vigilant!

Can someone knock the senses out of that Jesuit trained brain of our balding president?

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