Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Please help me make sense out of this

The expression of the Spanish priests at the back says it all.


  1. The problem is simple: anyone who would take the time to read the writings of (now) Pope Benedict and the (past) Fr. Ratzinger and Cardinal Ratzinger would realize that deep down, he is most unfortunately inclined to modernism.

    One need only read the explanation of Cardinal Ratzinger about Purgatory to come to the (sad) conclusion that he, while he seems to wish to preserve the treasures of the Church as regards the liturgy, he also has a very unhealthy outlook on some aspects of dogma.

    Please, before anyone post a sarcastic reply, at least google the writings of the pope on Purgatory which are flatly in contradiction to hohw the "Church" has understood this for centuries.

    This is the problem with all liberals (be they of the conservative bent,or the modernist bent).

    As always, interesting blog, one of best!

  2. The queen has a prie dieu. Perhaps she has forgotten what it is used for! I saw this in EWTN's broadcast and I find the whole thing very un-royal! A queen has more dignity if she receives communion in the traditional way! This brings the indult of communion in the hand to its logical and silly conclusion!