Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My challenge to Celdran echoed by The Varsitarian

The official student publication of the University of Santo Tomas, The Varsitarian, published an editorial about the stunt of that attention hungry twit.

Here is an excerpt:
In what planet are Celdran and his supporters living? Perhaps they should repeat their stunt in a Muslim mosque or an Iglesia ni Cristo service. Let’s see if they would not get lynched. [Cowards would not dare.  They'd rather do it in a Catholic Church where it is more "forgiving".]

The apathy of many Catholics to denounce Celdran’s outright assault of the Church is a reality check on the Church both as a hierarchy and as people of God: Catholics are woefully ignorant of the Church’s teachings. The Catholic Church and her leaders have failed to educate Catholics on the teachings of the Church.

This problem may also stem from the failure of schools, particularly Catholic schools, to impress upon the students the position of the Church on issues such as the RH bill, which goes against the Church’s teachings on the basic right to life.

Closer to home, has UST, which prides itself as the Catholic University of the Philippines and a Pontifical University no less, done its job in teaching the Church’s pro-life stand as it confronts issues such as population control?


A coward like that entity would not dare do it because he believes the Church would "forgive" her.

BUT WAIT! The Church did not!


The twit did not go to confession which is the way to go when you ask forgiveness.

The degenerate is obstinate and calloused. He does not care about his souls, or whatever is left of it, and the souls of those who he dragged into the pit.

And...he has a CRIMINAL CASE to deal with!

Now, his minions are crying foul or the Church exercising its muscle against the government for filing the case.

Really? What muscle? This government is hell bent on passing the Reproductive Harlot's Bill!


The author wrote a thought provoking article that Pinoy bishops, Pinoy priests and Pinoy Catholic schools MUST wake up and DO WHAT SHOULD THEY BE DOING FOR A VERY LONG TIME.

And we have THAT DAMNABLE THEOLOGY SCHOOL to start blaming with the apathy growing among Catholics.

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