Monday, November 15, 2010

The minions are ranting!

Hey, I am not the only one who rants!

Thanks to TPC readers for sending me the link.

Dean Bocobo, who commented on a recent post I made about Forbes magazine and the Church's stand on population management, commented in a post of Celdran about that post.  He wrote that I am anonymous.  I won't be if you take up my challenge.

Dean you call me names in Celdran's FB wall post.  That's some Christian forbearance you showed there, eh mate?   Funny thing that i used those italicized words since you were the first one to use those words when you commented on my Forbes post.  And, you might forget, freedom of own blog...commenting on a media man's article.  Don't lecture me on this.  I am a media man.

Me living in another time?  Pardon me Dean, but the Catholic Faith knows no time.  It is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  The Church's stand on abortion and artificial birth control will remain the same and the clergy and the laity will not be silenced.  And 50 years or even a hundred years from now, you'll still hear the same so-called "medieval" rants of Catholics like me.

And he rants that my digital image of the Divine Mercy giving his blessing is "probably an idolatrous, obscenely gesturing GIF anime of Jesus Christ. You'll only get him EXCOMMUNICATED for it. THEN he'll really be in agony. Naah this is just some raving, ranting Catholic dude, is Pinoy Catholic."

A blessing Christ is idolatrous?  Obscene?  Getting excommunicated in return?

Obviously, you are not Catholic and you have no idea what that image is all about.  What is more obscene?  My animated image of Christ giving his blessing or Carlos in the Manila Cathedral?

TPC readers...what do you think?

And no my dear Dean.  That would not get me excommunicated.  FYI, I have bishops and priests reading my blog.  They'll tell me when I would get a canonical censure or an excommunication for what I post.  Your a dean, aren't you?  Go research those.

One of those who answered Celdran's post has this to say:  "freedom of expression. learn to take as you give :D"  Kudos to Jemy.  

Isn't it ironic that the lot of you who fight for human rights can't handle criticism well and result to name calling and even acting as if you know anything about Church disciplinary laws.  It is a if you want to silence me with your insults.  Give and take.  Carlos rants, you rant, I rant.  Fair?

By the way, your guesses are all wrong about who I am.  ENGK!

No such thing as a 4th Gen KofC.  Obviously, you read my profile.  Good.  You are reading.

In case you did not know... 

I am just right around the block where Carlos makes his tours.   I know he knows the place.

And yes, I see him most of the time.


  1. Haha...gaya nga ng ating kasabihan. Ang pikon...TALO.

    I don't know, but the pro-RH people are so pikon.

    I will not be surprised, if they got a chance to have executive powers in the future, that they will silence the people who have beliefs that are very different from their own.

    Just read the RH Bill and you will clearly see that they just want to have the capacity to silence the Catholic faithful and the pro-lifers by saying that they are saying "malicious" things against the RH Bill.

  2. I soooo agree Ishmael.

    And they ask you "what's wrong with the RH Bill?"

    Speaking against the RH Bill if it becomes a law will send you to jail.

    Did I miss something here or is this against my right to free speech?

    Ooops. Sounding like them. HA!

  3. The one thing that they, like all of those against what the Church stands for, is that they all claim to want to speak on their own but in the process they want to silence the Church in return. It doesn't make sense, even with "el sentido comun" that the same right that they want to exercise was protected and fought for by the Catholic Church and those faithful that had faith in Her!

    Like little children having a fit when the parent doesn't want to give in to their demands, they rant, question, and bemoan the parent - sometimes and in the case of the Church, belittle and slander her! HA! Moan all you want but the Church will stand against her enemies even if those enemies are Her own!

    With regards to the Bishops, yes they are at fault too for this. We just pray that now, they wake up and smell the "sampaguita or waling waling" (hahaha!).. Let,s just put it this way, a Bishop's pastoral staff has three distinctive parts, the Crook, the Stem, and the Prod. The Crook is to gather the sheep. The Stem is to discipline and guide the erring. ANd lastly, the prod (pointed end) is to fight off the wolves. Maybe, someone should stand up among them and start using the Stem and the Prod! (God willing!) Now is the time Your Excellencies, show that you own the right and privilege of being successors to the Apostles!

  4. Good thing you reminded me of the bishop's staff kate!

    I will blog about this in the future.

    And like little children ranting...Oh that's a great one!

    Great analogy.

  5. The Catholic Church has always upheld artistic freedom even when depicting Christ. Was Michaelangelo excommunicated for depicting Christ naked ala Apollo and all those saved and damned as naked too?

    The answer is a resounding "No". And with that we see that the Church revels in beauty which I cannot say for many Atheists, since they have no idea who or what is the source of beauty!

  6. Oh...pahabol lang po.

    The pro-RH Bill ranters seems like that they have enough of ranting. They discovered that they not going somewhere with their rants. They triead arguing with anti-RH people but they were at the losing end in all aspects of the debate. Morally, their stand is wrong. At the aspect of economics, they are also wrong. They are also losing at the legal aspect...and even scientific facts debunk their claims.

    They realized that anti-RH People can not be shaken by their arguments, so these ranters, specifically the minions of humpty-dumpty decided to go lower.

    I am a member of the I Oppose the RH Bill ( and I discovered a dirty and concerted attacks. humpty-dumpty and his minions decided to go dirty. Here are some of their tactics:

    1. One of them created an FB account to impersonate the person who owned the other anti-RH page. The impersonator tried to create confusion by posting comments supporting RH Bill.

    2. One humtpy-dumpty fan sent private messages to members of the anti-RH page containing grave/death threats. One message contain this statement: "I will track you down and I kill you and your family..."

    3. They mocked the anti-RH page by creating a hate page against it. They copied the photos of anti-RH page members and vandalized those photos...placing words like prostitute, CBCP dogs, and other obscene images. See the pics here:


    This, sir, is the true image of humpty-dumtpy and minions. Witless and immature.

    They know that their arguments stand on shaky foundation. So their normal recourse is to do some acts of terror and immature tactics.

    These people just want to destroy the Church, even at the expense of destroying the whole nation.

    They do not realize that the it is the Holy Catholic Church that binds this nation together.