Thursday, November 18, 2010

GULP Exam: What is wrong in this picture?

The Papal Master of Ceremonies, Msgr. Guido Marini, giving Holy Communion


  1. The deacon receiving communion while kneeling?

  2. I think it would be the altar server holding the paten instead of the kneeling deacon.

  3. The Deacon kneeling to receive the Sacred Species, nor the place where he received them is not a problem and not "out of the norm." But, I'll keep out of commenting on this for now...

    @Teddy: The "Altar SERVER" you are referring to is not merely an altar server but one of the clergy. You can clearly distinguish the clergy from a mere altar server with the use of the COLLAR most especially in ROME. Anyone who is NOT ordained (in the LAY state) is not privileged and does not have the right to wear a COLLAR even if they wear the cassock and serve at a liturgical function. If you follow the books strictly too, in the old days, there was a STRICT distinction of the wearing of the surplice, pleated or un-pleated, with lace or with no ornamentation.

    This photo has been discussed before in another blog, so I'll stay my comments. This is fun Mr. TPC!

  4. This must be Mass in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, Ad Orientem.

    I think the deacon should receive communion by himself, after the main celebrant and the concelebrants.

  5. @Marc Jude: Actually, you are wrong.. The Deacon is STILL supposed to receive the Sacred Species from the Celebrant, may it be a priest or a bishop or even the pope! If you have seen Papal Masses Celebrated by the Pope, (the EWTN Fathers also distinctly do this if a deacon serves in one of their Masses) you'll see that the Deacons still receive FROM the Pontiff and not simply communicate for themselves like a priest or bishop would.

    I will gladly explain this more but I do not have the competent books with me here so maybe Mr. TPC could share his comment about this too or someone else with "SOUND and FAITHFUL" liturgical knowledge.

  6. @Kate5_17 Speaking of surplices in the olden days, what if its pleated and with laces or designs according to the books?

  7. Actually you are right kate.

    No one is allowed to self communicate but only the priest who offered the Mass and the concelebrants. Deacons are NOT allowed to self communicate and most especially EMHCs who I see A LOT OF TIMES do!

    With the discipline on the surplice, laced surplices are usually assigned to seminarians and clergy but there is no clear rule about this. Consider it a sense of propriety if I may use the term. The laity should be dressed according to their state of life.

    So even the clerical collar is not used by altar servers who are not clerics. The name says so.