Thursday, November 11, 2010

GULP Exam: What is wrong in this photo?


  1. Advent or Lent colours and he is in red vestements?!?!

  2. Let me guess...

    Ah...Sermons have to be made in the pulpit and this is way as if the priest were entertain his "audience".

    I can see a guy there at the back, head held high, and must be snoozing.

    Can someone petition to ban wireless microphone usage in the mass? It sounds silly but this invites silly "entertainment".

    Oh, long mic cables, too!

  3. Shall I try? Hmmm...

    1. The Overlay (Preaching) Stole is not to be paired with the Chasuble.When will the Filipino Clergy learn! Yes, he is preaching but in the context of him celebrating mass. If he were, should we put it, a priest, asked by "the celebrant" to preach after the homily, he is to wear this specific stole over CHORO or Choir Dress (Cassock-and yes, even the tropical white cassock is allowed, fascia - which is still part of the proper attire for clergy, surplice, and the biretta - also, still legal!) if he is not con-celebrating. Well, I am still thankful that Father is wearing an ALB rather than just wearing the alb or the chasuble by itself!

    2. Preaching in front of the altar and not at the ambo. Well, as Fr. Z has put it before, yes, there is nothing in the books about a priest giving his sermon from a specific place but most often than not, the only reason some would do this "style" of preaching is so that the people could feel their "warmth and belonging" with the congregation! BALONEY! If they want their congregation to feel that, they should just do their responsibilities better, give proper catechisms, celebrate the liturgy well, and just plainly "SAY THE BLACK AND DO THE RED!"

    Here is the related article for your reading consideration:

    3. Seeing that the priest is standing on top of a flight of stairs, I would assume that this separates the nave from the sanctuary itself. In my understanding, even if communion rails are not available - even if they easily are - the separation of the sanctuary and the main body of the church should be made visibly clear - elevation of the sanctuary and altar, rood screens, etc - so that the place of sacrifice can be clearly distinguished. I noticed that some of the lay faithful are sitting on the same elevation and rather comfortably at that(!!!) I assume this is another part of "being closer to the people."

    But I Digress.. Hay Nako!

  4. In the old days:
    Chasuble over stole = Charity over Power

    Now some wear their stole over their chasuble for some strange reason:

    Stole over chasuble = Power over Charity.

  5. Actually this Mass was during Palm Sunday.

    I guess the sacristan forgot to change the pulpit frontal if there is such a thing!

  6. Only a few priests know how to properly wear their liturgical vestments and with dignity.