Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cry baby?

Some theology seminarians told me that Fr. Genaro Diwa is throwing a fit about the new translation of the Roman Missal.

"We translate the idea not the exact words." is what, according to my sources told me what Fr. Diwa, of the CBCP Commission on the Liturgy.

Translate the idea?

How do you translate "Et cum spiritu tuo"?

Oh yeah.  We know about it already and it worked WONDERS for the Church.

That is why we have a new translation because the old translation WONDERS!

Sorry to tell you Fr. G, but you have to face the truth.

The liturgical agenda of your master is...going...down...the...drain.

Now this begs me to ask:

How will our Pnoy bishops, now in Rome for their ad limina visit, address the issue of liturgical abuse in the Philippines?

And Summorum Pontificum as well.

And don't you dare tell me Gerald you don't know SP.



  1. They do throw a fit over ad orientem! In fact I heard a clerical joke which goes like this

    "Mass in front of the people but not a_s in front of the people!