Friday, November 26, 2010

Celdran sued...again!

The attention hungry travel guide admitted through his Facebook wall post that he was sued by Augustinian priest Fr. Pedro Galende of the San Agustin Museum.   He also confirmed that it was a libel case.  I made a post about the plans of Fr. Galende before.

And his "freedumbers" reacted on his post like...
" suing u 4 being a pro RH bill? thats nuts! he might sue me next, hahaha"
"hindi na ba sila nagbabato ng tinapay?"
 "They are just scared. Head count is = POWER, less babies born, less followers "
His followers cry out loud for the "harassment" being done by the Church against them.
So if the Church defends Herself from malicious attacks and libelous claims, it is harassment?

And what if she does nothing, it is the Christian way to do while you go your merry way slandering the Church to your heart's delight?

One of his followers even had the audacity to quote the passage where Christ forgave the adulterous woman.  "Let the one who has not sinned cast the first stone." goes the quote.  But remember the last line of that pasage:  "Your sins are forgiven.  GO AND SIN NO MORE."  The Lord's Mercy is a freely given gift.  It is not a right!  Those who are forgiven are expected to reform their lives.

So they break a law of the land and they want to be exonerated immediately?  If he thinks he has the evidence to back up his libelous claims, then he better face the music.  He loves the spotlight doesn't he?  Now the lights are all on you, Celdran.  Eat your heart out!


Oh and FYI. One of his supporters who reacted graduated high school in the Ateneo, undergraduate degree in La Salle, and MBA in Ateneo.  His religious views under his info?  Satanist.


This is real and the attacks on the Church is real.

Those who fight for our supposed "RH rights" are Satanists and the object of their attack is not Islam who also is against the RH Bill BUT ONLY the Catholic Church.

Isn't it high time that our bishops, instead of an Oratio Imperata, ask our faithful to pray once again the St. Michael's Prayer after every Mass.

Don't you think?


  1. If Celdran or one of his minions broke into my house to vandalize, steal, or harm my wife and children I would act to protect them. The police (secular authorities) would be contacted and action would be taken against them.

    This is nothing different them attempting to harm Christ and his church. They are nothing more then attention seeking vandals and have committed crimninal acts. Then they whine about separation of church and state but then switch to pleading for leniancy for the civil crimes they have committed.

    Slander is a very serious crime and the courts take it very seriously in that reputation has great value and a person can be seriously hurt when his or her reputation is destroyed. Father Galende has every right to protect himself against the accusations Celdran has made. That Celdran is afraid only highlights that Father Galende is right.

    You can't just punch someone in the stomach and then unrepentently demand forgiveness of the victim because he or she is a Christian. Forgiveness, of course is due but the debt to society for crime is also due.

    I do pray for the repentence of Celdran and his minions and that their hearts may be open to the truth. Howevever, their actions and beliefs are Satanic. I pray that they do not lead any more souls on the road they are paving to perdition.