Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CBCP News reports the "clash" outside Manila Cathedral

CBCP News has finally posted the news about the battle of the agents of death and faithful Catholics in the very gates of the Mother Church of the Philippines.

Kinda poetic, eh?


MANILA, Nov. 22, 2010— Opponents clashed with supporters of Reproductive Health Bill who had gathered outside Manila Cathedral on Saturday night to protest the Catholic Church’s opposition to contraceptives.

About 20 pro-RH bill “Catholics” [Oooo!!!!!  I LOVE HOW CBCP NEWS WROTE THIS!!!!  HUZZAAHH!!!!]  tried to enter the cathedral where a “prayer and reflection service on human life” was being held but they were barred by the organizers.

The demonstrators, mostly teenagers, belonging to a group called Filipino Freethinkers,[Freedumbers!] however, forced to get inside the church sparking word-war between both parties.

The supporters of the reproductive health bill were wearing t-shirts with “Damaso” printed on them and the statement “Pass the RH bill Now.”

“Father Damaso” refers to an abusive priest who fathered a child in Jose Rizal’s novel “Noli Me Tangere.”

“Get away from us, walk out! This is our affair, respect us… organize your own affair,” yelled Pro-Life President Philippines Eric Manalang.

“You’re insulting my Mother Church. If your mother would be insulted, will you not feel bad?” Manalang said.

A protester answered: “Maybe not…” [Probably.  Maybe he does not care whatever happens to his mother.]

“We are also Catholics (that’s why we are here),” said another one. [You bet?]

But RH-bill supporters defied the appeal and continued distributing flyers or invitation to a “party” together with the people and organizations that support the RH bill. [That "party" aims to raise money for the defense of Dona Victorina.  I think it will be at Sodom and Gomorrah.  Joke!  I saw the announcement at the Freedumbers website and I WILL NOT post about it.]

“If supporting the RH bill means excommunication, excommunicate me!” part the flyer read. “Join us for an evening of dinner, entertainment, and dissent,” part of the flyer read. [You do not need a formal excommunication to send you flying out of the Church.  You already got it dude!]

Manalang said they felt insulted as more opponents including famous lawyer Romulo Macalintal went outside the cathedral to face the rallyists. [Huh?  This is ambiguous.  I saw the video and Atty. Romulo Macalintal went out to help Mr. Manalang against the Rabid Harlots.]

“Do anything you want to do and we don’t care… just respect our own affair,” a mother said.  [Respect?  They do not know the word.  They are following in the footsteps of Dona Victorina!]

The rallyists finally decided to leave the cathedral after about 10 minutes of confrontation and as more participants of the forum went out of the church to drive them away.  [You want numbers, eh?  Now they got it.]

You are Catholics but you are dissidents. We are Catholics but we follow God’s commandment to protect life strictly,” shouted Manalang as the rallyists were leaving the cathedral. (CBCPNews)


Battle lines are drawn!


Now where are the priests in the frontlines?

Any volunteers from Maryhill and Loyola?


  1. How Unchristian these guys(Romulo Macalintal and Eric Manalang)were For Once are So Uncharitable in their Zealous Overprotection of The Cathedral from Blasphemy and Sacrilege

    Makes The Church Look Bad ALL THE MORE!!!

  2. If you analyze the situation, the anti-RH advocates pleaded for the pro-RH to leave as the event is on a per invitation basis. They insisted on staying. With that attitude and wearing a Damaso shirt, you know that they are up to no good.

    You cannot blame Atty. Macalintal and Mr. Manalang for doing what they did, though you have a point that they should have not fallen into the trap set by Celdran's minions.

    No, it did not make the Church look worse.

    It sends the message that WE do not take these harassments sitting down, timid or praying.

    We are not afraid. And if they are so Rational as they claim to be, they should have just left and after they were told to.

    I read the facebook posts of Dona Victorina inviting the harlots to come to the cathedral and wear the shirts. And I know the organizers are prepared for their foolishness.

    No, Josemaria. We cannot call that uncharitable.

    We have to tell them the truth.

    Even Christ cursed the Pharisees because they were a hopeless lot. You cannot talk sense to these people.

  3. I Agree with Most Points Above,but The point is They Should have Stopped Shouting slogans Once these Protesters Have Left the Cathedral!

  4. lol watch the actual footage and see who really acted violently.

  5. in case you don't know, they CORDIALLY INVITED EVERYONE... so why the hell did they shoo the freethinkers?

  6. @the way

    - by how you chose you name, you are free to do whatever you want to. Nobody is going to strap you to a cannon and ditch you to the sea until you see Old Hob.

    everyone who does not want to pull a stunt is invited.

    You are so free right?