Monday, November 22, 2010

Because they call themselves Rational

The supporters of the RH Bill went to the Manila Cathedral to "listen" to what the anti-RH Bill advocates want to say why the opposition of the pro-lifers to the Bill.

They want to get in the Cathedral wearing the infamous Damaso shirts.

And here is what happened.

Did you hear that part where one pro-RH guy said that they have their "rights".

Right to desecrate a Cathedral?

Do they have the best intentions when they go inside the Cathedral wearing those shirts? Aren't those statements of their indignation and disrespect for Catholic clergy?

The gay and lesbian community once wanted to receive Holy Communion wearing a rainbow sash as a sign of protest for the Catholic Church's stand against homosexual sex and unions. But they were denied Holy Communion.

And these "Rational" people aka "New Jose Rizal" wanted to go inside the Cathedral and God knows what they will do in there. Luckily, there are some brave souls who prevented them from getting inside. Among them is famous election lawyer Atty. Romulo Macalintal.

That is what Celdran left. That is his legacy.

And he/she is still silent with my challenge.

Why can't they shed their pretenses and just admit that they are atheists who want to see the Church on Her knees.


  1. Kasama sa mass yung mga katropa ko sa I Oppose the RH Bill.

    Akala ba ng mga taong ito na makakapasok sila ng basta basta sa loob? Kailangan nilang lumusot sa mga lay Catholics na handang harangin sila.

    My friends are expecting this kind of stunt. They tried to barge in inside the Cathedral kasi daw sa labas ay dedma lang sa kanila yung mga tao. Siyempre, paano sila makakuha ng dramatic na midea mileage kung dedma lang sa kanila yung tao. Kaya nagpumilit sila pumasok.

    Now, look at the media, these pro-RH people are being painted as the one na na-harass daw. Sheesh!

    How about their intention to harass and to desecrate a peaceful gathering of anti-RH people inside the Manila Cathedral? Siyempre, hindi sasabihin ng media yun.

    Gagawa sila ng ganitong stunt tapos gusto nila bine-baby sila ng mga opponents nila. Oh c'mon pro-RH people. Grow up. Stop being immatures.

  2. Those "Freethinkers" este FREEDUMBERS!! will NEVER STOP HARASSING CHURCHES even If The RH Bill is Passed!!!

    Altrough I Admmit that Our Side has Some Overpassionate Catholics who Should have Said "Please Leave the Place Now!" not "Satan Get Out!"

  3. Oh, I thought they were doing an exorcism ritual.

    Would not hurt since they are rabidly attacking the Church.

  4. Anti-RH Bill Catholics Harass RH Bill Supporters(News Report)

    The Filipino Freethinkers and the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines went to the Manila Cathedral where an anti-RH bill discernment mass was supposed to be held.

    Unfortunately, they were denied entry from the chapel for wearing Damaso-printed shirts, which these organizations have worn to express their disagreement with the CBCP’s position.

    Lorna Ferrer, a member of the DSWP, told Mr. Manalang that she was Catholic. Mr. Manalang responded with, “You are not a real Catholic! You are an oxymoron!” — implying that Catholics who use or support any form of artificial contraception could not possibly be “real” Catholics.

    Here are just some of the statements hurled at members of the Filipino Freethinkers and the DSWP by Manalang and company:

    “This is our territory. Get out of here!”
    “Damaso is a fake. You’re a fake! You are the Damaso!”
    “Get out of here, Satan!”
    “You should tell your mother that she should have aborted you!”

    As the organizations walked away, Pro-Life advocates continued the barragewith “Get out of here, Satan!” “Away, Satan, away!”

    Meanwhile, the anti-RH reflection service was going on inside. One of the speakers, Dra. Angie Aguirre, asked the churchgoers inside: How many have read the actual text of the RH Bill? Less than ten percent raised their hands.

  5. I read this too Josemaria. But would you believe what they write?

  6. I would on This One(since they were present Last Night),but NOT on The Pope's Interview on Condoms!!