Wednesday, October 6, 2010

When a fool praises another fool...

If the United States of America has its own brand of fishwrap called the National Catholic Reporter and a Hell's Bible called the New York Times, we here in the Philippines has the worst of both in one paper, called the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

If its bad news, it makes the headlines.

If its something good, look for it at the Internet.

Then after the publicity stunt of that publicity hungry anti-Catholic pervert in the Manila Cathedral-Basilica, the similarly twisted minded anti-Catholic columnists of the Philippines' Satan's Paper, Conrado de Quiros and Rina Jimenez David, praised the stunt of the pervert.

Seems they were educated from the same school, eh?  Gutter University?

Here is a brilliant response from Atty. George C. Dee of the Couples for Christ-Foundation for Family and Life Laguna District.

Mr. Editor,
In Ms Rina David-Jimenez's column item (PDI 10/5) on "Friars and Bishops", she says the arrest and detention of Carlos Celdran for the disruption of a religious ceremonies inside the Manila Cathedral "speaks of lingering vestiges of Church power and influence." She stated that the Church has "effectively lost ground in the arena of public opinion"
First, as a lay Catholic, I am deeply offended and resent the rude act of Mr. Celdran as an assault of our Christian faith in the hallow ground of the Cathedral. No, Ms David, Celdran did not embarrass the bishops there, it was he who made a fool of himself and should be the one embarrassed for his disregard to the sensibility of others. I join the more decent part of our people in denouncing his arrogant act.
For his disruption of a religious proceeding, he infringed on our penal laws punishing such acts that insults one's faith regardless of religious affiliation. His arrest and detention are fully justified as simply the natural course in the regular enforcement of the law, having committed an offense, in flagrante. If he were arrested a day or two later, that would be unwarranted and illegal.
There is therefore entirely no basis to say or suspect that such normal recourse to the ordinary processes of the law in Celdran's case entailed the exercise of "lingering vestiges" of the "power and influence of the Church". Such a reckless statement without any factual foundation betrays one's malice and repugnance towards the Church and the faith it represents - Catholicism.
That the Church "has effectively lost the ground in the arena of public opinion" is a perception spawned by a massive dose of Catholic-bashing nowadays, particularly fostered in the media to secularize the public square. The overwhelming majority of the Filipinos remain faithful to the Church.
Thank you.
Atty. George C. Dee

We have to take note the Ms. David is pro women's right which is veiled as "pro-choice" or "pro-contraception" or...yup!  PRO-ABORTION.

It is only a matter of time before the war on secularization in the Philippines goes full blown.

Remember that passage in the Gospel wherein Christ illustrates the folly of a blind leading the blind?

How will you expect writer's of Hell's Bible in the Philippines react to whatever the Catholic Church does?

They are barking their heads off for the Catholic Church's meddling in politics?

Did you hear them say anything about what Cardinal Sin did in the People Power Revolution? the illegal gambling campaign of Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz? the fight for agrarian reform?

The problem with most of these that they spend more time in front of their computers, collecting PR money, but not even spending more time actually experiencing what they write.

Don't get me wrong.  I was a journalist myself being trained in the Inquirer myself.

But believe me when I say...the most terrorizing authority in the face of the planet is a desk editor.  HIS WORD IS LAW!  The greatest irony of it all...Journalists are the guardians of democracy but there is no such thing in a news room.

And you expect these columnists to tell you how to live your lives, morally upright?



  1. my poor friend, here in Europe your religion is dying and as an atheist Iwould not complain.


  3. Conrad de Quiros and Rina Jimenez David studied at those schools on Katipunan Road!

  4. Oh my dear Daniel...

    And Europe is a nice place to live in nowadays?

    Tell that to the Muslims who'll soon have your head on a stake.

  5. Daniel,

    How correct TPC is. Don't forget that as you have embraced the atheist religion and worldview that it is also a death cult. As your populations contracept and abort yourselves to extinction, nature abhors a vacuum. Your Muslim immigrants are very ready to take your place after you have passed.