Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ranting about my post in Facebook

No wonder the ranters were commenting on my challenge to Celdran.  He posted it in his Facebook wall.  And so out comes the name callers.  You get the feeling that you are in the same environment as Fr. Miguel Pro when he shouted "Viva Cristo Rey!"

They would not answer my challenge unless I reveal my true identity.  And then what?  You go and start calling names like how you did it in his FB wall post?  Look at how Celdran and his minions talked trash to 100% Katolikong Pinoy.  Warning!  It's like watching a recent Hollywood gangster movie.  It's laced with obscenities.

Just answer the challenge.  This is not a publicity stunt.  I am no tourist guide.  I do not appear in media.

If you think that what you are fighting for is right, then you would fight for it no matter who or what organization you'll be going up against with.

I will post their comments.  I'll give them the freedom to express their opinions.  Anyway, this is a blog space and not a church.

Maybe, he really would not make "patol". 

Probably because it involves  the INC and the Muslims.


  1. Don't worry Mr Pinoy Catholic, I have posted
    "FLORENTINO!" all over his wall.

    If his fans don't get what that means, it means they should never passed high school!

  2. And that are the reason why I keep my pseudonym Ishmael Ahab intact. These people, who demands respect for their "beliefs", always fail to respect the beliefs of other people that is contrary to their own.

    They demand democracy yet they are un-democratic. They desire the freedom of speech yet they want other people to be silenced for their beliefs.

    These people are at the height of their hypocrisy.

    I haven't read their rants against 100% Katolikong Pinoy (which I am a member of) but I guess those rants are just a waste of my time. In the end, they will realize the errors of their ways. I just hope that it is not too late for them when they reach that realization.

    BTW, keep the challenge for Celdran. That ball-less and attention seeker tour guide will not make patol. I am very sure of that.