Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pinoy bishops to meet the Pope!

MANILA, Oct. 27, 2010— Filipino Catholic prelates will head off to Rome starting next month for their “ad limina” visit”– during which they must account for themselves to Vatican departments and the Pope[I have a list.  But I am afraid they will not give it to the Pope. *sigh*]

Msgr. Juanito Figura, Secretary General of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, said the visit is a chance for the prelates to report developments and concerns of their respective dioceses. [You think too much involvement in social issues will be highlighted by the Pinoy bishops? Or the "donations" from jueteng money or from Pagcor will be mentioned?  Naaahh.  I am sure the fat guy who is hungry for attention, You-Know-Who, will be, I hope.  Excommunicate the wacko for desecrating the Cathedral-Basilica!]

“It’s called quinquennial visit ad limina apostolorum wherein the bishops will meet the pope and report on the state of their dioceses or prelatures,” Figura said.

“Aside from that they are also encouraged to visit the various dicasteries or offices of the Roman Curia… the Sacred Congregations and the Pontifical Councils,” he added.

Pope Benedict XVI is also expected to give his address to the visiting members of the Philippine bishops’ collegial body. [CAN'T WAIT TO BLOG THIS!!!!!!]

According to Figura, those who would have the chance to visit the pontiff include all the 98 active CBCP members which were divided into three groups.

The first batch, composed of prelates coming from 30 ecclesiastical jurisdictions in Metro Manila, and Central and Northern Luzon, is scheduled on Nov. 25 to Dec.6, 2010.

It will be followed on Feb.7 to 19, 2011 with bishops assigned in 28 dioceses in Southern Luzon, Visayas and the Military Ordinariate.

The last batch to visit Rome are bishops from 28 jurisdictions in Mindanao including the Archbishop of Lipa and the administrators of Masbate and Kalibo dioceses on Feb. 21 to March 5, 2011. [CBCPNews]


I am sure the growing apathy of Pinoy Catholics will be addressed by the Pope, along with liturgical abuse, Summorum Pontificum, the defense of life, the laxity of some bishops in the governance of their dioceses...Ooops!  I read my list.  LOL!

If you will travel to the Vatican with the Pinoy bishops, what will you tell the Holy Father?

What do you think the pope will tell our Pinoy bishops?

Send in your comments!


  1. Pope:Stop Sticking ze your Nose in ze Secular Politics!!(Gambling Eco Issues etc...) Fight for The Family and Ze Human Life!! Don't be Cowed by Secularism and Fundamentalism!!! God iz With You!!!