Friday, October 8, 2010

How Saudi Arabia treat people of other faiths...

I remember someone posting a comment that Muslims in Saudi are respectful of other people's religion.  And I responded that that is the greatest joke of the century.  Now read this why...


Manila (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Saudi authorities have conditionally released the Catholic Filipino migrant worker arrested on 1 October in Riyadh along with 11 other compatriots - released Oct. 3 -, while attending a Mass along with 150 foreigners celebrated by a French priest. [They were arrested for attending Mass.  Has anyone read in a paper Muslims getting arrested for being in a mosque?] At present, the 12 Filipinos have been entrusted to their employers and representatives of the embassy in Manila in Saudi Arabia are negotiating with the authorities for their repatriation. The fate of the others present at the Catholic mass remains unknown.

According Exxedin H. Tago, charge d'affaires of the Philippines Embassy the 12 are not yet completely out of danger. "It is still unclear - he says - if their case was closed. They were accused of proselytizing and if the authorities deem them guilty they could return to jail”. [What the fudge!  How can they be proselytizing?  The guys are all CATHOLICS!  And all those attending Mass are CATHOLICS!  You proselytize people who do not believe in what you believe in!]

Saudi Arabia forbids the construction of churches, and other non-Muslim temples, the wearing of religious symbols, or hanging of images in homes. [Oh that is so politically respectful of other people's rights...Calling Carlos Celdran and other atheists...GO TO SAUDI ARABIA AND DO YOUR HUMAN RIGHTS STUNT THERE!  Let's see what you got!] The religious police (Muttawa) has tightened controls to impose these laws. Only rarely does the government allow the celebration of Mass in private. The availability of work, however, continues to attract migrants who put up with terrible working conditions, the risk of forced conversions and sexual abuse[Calling Carlos Celdran...]

In early September, a Filipino nurse employed at the Kharja Hospital died in hospital after being raped and left dying in the desert by her rapists. [Calling Carlos Celdran...] Two weeks later, again in Riyadh, three nurses in the National Guard Hospital were abducted and raped while returning from work and are now in serious condition.[Calling Carlos Celdran...]

A total of 8 million foreigners live and work in the kingdom. According to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) from 2007 to 2008, migration to the Middle East has seen an increase of 29.5%.


It is pretty obvious that...

...Saudi Arabia will NEVER allow other Faiths in their land...

...Carlos Celdran and their lot WILL NEVER ENGAGE the same debate of freedom of speech, expression and human rights with Muslims...

I am sure whatever they have won't suffice for a Soup #5!

If you know what THAT means!


  1. Why complain, because Pope John Paul II kissed the Koran very graciously, one Cardinal in the Vatican was very pleased and happy that a Mosque was built near Rome, and Pope Benedict was seen with eyes lifted (in prayer?) while visiting a Mosque? But I guess it it okay, since the old Latin Mass is back!

  2. The Pope prayed in a Mosque that was a Christian basilica and still is the Shrine for St John the Baptist, revered by Muslims and Christians.