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HERETIC ALERT: A Philippine senator begs not to be excommunicated

Here is the full letter of Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, author of the Senate Bill for a Reproductive Health Bill.


1 October 2010

Bishop Nereo Odchimar
President, CBCP
By fax and by hand

Dear Excellency:

This is to most respectfully appeal to the CBCP to discard excommunication as a response to reproductive health bills pending in Congress. I am the author of Senate Bill No. 2378, “An Act Providing for a National Policy on Reproductive Health and Population and Development.” My bill definitely prohibits abortion, [but it all contraceptive fails?  what then?  and did the senator, who is a Catholic, forget that the use of contraception is a mortal sin?] and continues to view it as a crime under the Penal Code.

If I were to be excommunicated, I would be expelled from the Church, more particularly from the Eucharist. I would thus be placed in the same category as those guilty of so-called serious sins, such as apostasy, murder, heresy, and adultery. I plead that I am not guilty of mortal sin, defined in our Church as “a fundamental rejection of God, and the reorientation of one’s whole life away from all that is good and just.” [she knows.] On the contrary, I am a strong advocate of social justice, particularly the anticorruption crusade.

As a Catholic at birth, I was taught that at the heart of Jesus’ message of salvation was his proclamation of the coming of the Kingdom of God as a reality open to everyone, including the destitute poor. Allow me to quote Prof. Richard McBrien: [Oh hell...] “God, acting as King, visits and redeems his people as a loving father – a father who rejoices over regaining his lost children (e.g., Luke 15:1-32). This is the central theme of Jesus’ preaching.” (Emphasis added.)

May I respectfully submit that the penalty of excommunication for pro-RH (reproductive health) legislators, who are merely exercising the preferential option for the poor under liberation theology, [Oh boy...] would be too extreme and disproportionate. It will raise constitutional issues about church-state relationship.

When I studied for a master’s degree at the Maryhill School of Theology, [Oh brother!  Filth factory!] I was taught repeatedly to implement liberation theology, meaning the theory that for believers to achieve salvation after death, we must liberate the poor from social, political, and economic oppression. [HERESY!!!!!!!  EXCOMMUNICATE THE WOMAN!!!] (Emphasis added.) This is what I am trying to do with my bill.

We all know that the public debate began with the publication in 1968 of Pope Paul VI of his encyclical Humanae Vitae (On the Regulation of Birth). Paul 6 was forced to choose between the majority and minority reports of a special papal commission established by his predecessor Pope John XXIII. The majority supported contraception, while the minority condemned it. [Does it make it right, then?] Paul 6 decided in favor of the minority view, unfortunately unleashing global opposition among some Catholic clergy and among Catholic couples who simply disregard the teaching of his encyclical. [The truth does not depend on numbers.]

I have fully studied the arguments against contraception, based on the minority report of the 1966 Papal Commission for the Study of Population, the Family, and Birth. There are two main arguments. One is that opposition to contraception is the “constant and perennial” (sic) teaching of the Church. The minority report states: “It depends on the nature of human life and human sexuality, as understood theologically by the Church.” (Emphasis added.) The second argument is based on so-called natural law. [Which is the heart of the teaching of the Church on family planning.]

I am humbly but morally convinced that the arguments for contraception are superior, thus:

* The anti-RH advocates fail to recognize the evolutionary character of Church teaching. [MODERNISM!!!! HERETIC!!!  Catholic dogma does not change, the same faith that comes to us from the Apostles!  Where did she learn this?  Maryhill School of Theology!  Bedrock of HERETICS!!!] This does not undermine the moral teachings authorized by the Church. On the contrary, it allows a more mature comprehension of the whole doctrine. [Rather, a more heretical and twisted view of actual Catholic teaching.]

* The natural-law theory is already obsolete. [Huh?  So the law of gravity is obsolete now just as the law of life is according to this heretic.] According to the majority report: People should be allowed to “intervene in the biological processes of nature so that we can achieve the ends of the institution of matrimony in the conditions of actual life, rather than to abandon ourselves to chance.” [This is the teaching of Modernism, God does not act on us.  It is all by chance.]

* The majority report declared that the conjugal act must be viewed not as an isolated reality, but in the larger context of human love, family life, education, etc.

My RH bill has been referred to the Senate health committee. If my medical condition improves, I intend to participate freely in the Senate plenary debates. I shall be guided by the document Declaration on Religious Freedom issued by Vatican Council II, declaring that we are bound to follow our conscience faithfully in all our activity. Allow me to quote: “[No one] is to be forced to act in a manner contrary to one’s conscience. Nor, on the other hand, is one to be restrained from acting in accordance with one’s conscience.”

So please do not excommunicate President Aquino, myself, and those similarly situated. Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,


Copy to:
Chair, Senate Health Committee
Senate Media


We must name the demon that is hiding in our seminaries and theology schools...

Stop calling it Relativism or others....


And this woman has openly declared herself as a Modernist.

maybe someone can send her a pamphlet of Pascendi dominici gregis...

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