Sunday, October 24, 2010

GULP EXAM: The episcopal ordination of Bishop Ruperto Santos

What is so wrong in this picture?


  1. Ah, this must be the "Litany of the Saints" part of the Ordination Rite.

    It seems that Cardinal Rosales, Cardinal Vidal, and Archbishop Adams are facing the wrong way; they should face the other way around. :)

  2. That Cardinal Rosales is still The Cardinal Archbishop of Manila? ahaha! (I'm Kidding.. maybe?) ahaha!

    Well, being in His Metropolitan See, His Eminence should be wearing his Pallium shouldn't he! But, to be honest, I've never seen him wear it! I guess, this shows how he thinks of his bond and union to the Holy Father, eh?

    Also, It's intriguing to me that the Consecrating Bishops are kneeling "Ad Populum - Versus Deum" (facing the people).

    What I understand is that, even if the Blessed Sacrament is NOT in the main tabernacle at the High Altar under the Ciborium (which is the case here) - Rufino Cardinal Santos.. intercede for us!- they should be facing the High Altar where "Liturgical East" is. In St. Peter's, it is done the way shown here for a number of reasons but I'll give two, of what I think is most important:

    1. The orientation of the High Altar which is facing the Piazza is actually East (discussed before in various blogs) so, the anti- Ad Orientem crowd there could shut up! The way the altar in St. Peter's is actually Ad Orientem.. but let me not go away from the topic.

    2. The tomb of the Holy Apostle Peter is right in front of the High Altar. Basically, the symbolism of both the Pope and the Consecrating Bishops above the tomb and the ordinands, be it for the Diaconate, Priesthood, or Episcopacy - is fundamental to the ordination rite itself. Their ministry is tied to the Holy Apostles!

    In the case of the Manila Cathedral, I do know that underneath is the mausoleums of the former Archbishop's of the See but I do not think we can tie that here. There is no Liturgical/Patrimonial/Theological ties that I can find to excuse the orientation here not unless I'm losing my touch.

    So, dear Mr. TPC.. thank you for this stupefying EXAM and I'll be eager to wait for the answer. I dont even know if my rant is close to it! ahaha!

    God Bless you and yours!