Sunday, October 3, 2010

A great new blog!

I'm starting to like this new blog...Filipino Scribes...

And here is an excerpt from an excellent blog post from that blog..

Finally, RH Bill, again wittingly or unwittingly, will only promote promiscuity, something that is against the natural order of things. Besides, all promises of contraception, since it was invented during the latter half of the last century, never came through. Instead, we have more promiscuity, therefore more unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, more broken families and single parents, an alarming rise in sexually transmitted diseases, sexual crimes against women and children, pornography (that is being, bit by bit, accepted into the mainstream!), abortion trauma, etc.

So this is the kind of society you want? =(

As for Celdrán’s supporters, look at your “hero” now. He still dons his Pepe Rizal suit, smiling whenever there is a photo op for him. What has he done for you? He only created more fame for himself. And he has paved the way for a much sicker society, a society of sex-starved individuals who will one day rape their own children, notwithstanding pet dogs and goldfishes.

If only Rizal were alive —he who died a Catholic, he who died having repented from his immature ways— he would have slapped Celdrán for having maligned his memory.

Yet you call Celdrán your “new José Rizal” just because you claim that he had the balls to defend the freedom of the human genitals from what is supposed to be sacred?

Before I end this rage, let us, again, for argument’s sake, imagine that the Muslims are also against the RH Bill, and that they are the most vocal, more vocal than the Catholic Church…

Will Carlos Celdrán have the same “balls” to invade a Muslim mosque?

I will bet my life that he wouldn’t dare do so. [HELL HE WON'T!  AND NEITHER WOULD HIS MINIONS OR THOSE WHO RANT ABOUT SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!!!  BALL-LESS COWARDS!!!  I BET EVEN THE MASONS WHO PROMOTE A GODLESS SOCIETY WOULD NOT EVEN DARE DO THAT STUNT IN A MOSQUE!!!]  Whatever “balls” he may have will instantly turn into wrinkled grapefruits if he dares to step inside a mosque.

Cowards like him will only attack a weary institution, such as the Church, which has been in constant attack ever since Jesus Christ was executed.



Fellow Pinoy Catholics and Lovers of Life!!!

Go over to that blog and join the Facebook Group to ban this whack-job known as Carlos Celdran from Intramuros and from conducting his rabidly anti-Catholic tours in Intramuros!

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