Monday, September 6, 2010

Reflections from a vehicular accident

I just came of an accident.  Not too serious but scared the wits out of me.  We were hit from behind by a huge 6 wheeler truck that has tons of steel beams!

Come to think of it...

It WAS serious!

We were not hurt, my assistant and I, but I pity the truck driver.

Judging from how he and his assistants looked like and were dressed, I can feel how hard life must be with those guys.  Even though the insurance company will take care of the damages, I have this nasty feeling that his company will charge him with the repairs.

I am a manager but I don't earn that much.  It's just enough to pay for our needs.  Not even enough to have some savings to buy things that we want but do not necessarily need.

Even though the guy is at fault for hitting me and for damaging the company vehicle I brought with me, but still the money that will be paid to repair the damages, I know, is something these men, especially the truck driver, desperately needs.

I wish I was a filthy rich as those in the entertainment industry who flaunt their riches as if they harvest them from their backyard tree.  I could have let it go for the truck driver.  But I do not have the money to pay for the damages.

How ironic.  All I can do is to pray for the guy.  I assured him that I do not blame him and even told him that the insurance company of his company and my company will take care of things.  I even told him not to blame himself.  It's an accident.  Nobody wants it to happen, of course.

I sure pray that his boss will be easy on him.  I sure hope that.

If you were in a similar situation, what would you have done?

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  1. I was in your situation just this afternoon. The jeepney I was riding was intentionally hit by a huge truck, who was annoyed when his way was blocked by the jeepney I was riding. The truck driver first threw stones to us, then all of sudden the truck came running towards us! Black smoke filled the jeepney and since we were shocked (and our elbows were scraped) we were asked to take another jeepney. Road rage, grabe.