Monday, September 20, 2010

Interesting debate about the INC logo...continues!

Fellow Pinoy Catholic blogger, Dr. Quirino Sugon of Ateneo de Manila University and of Monk's Hobbit blog, linked the logo of the INC I found and the striking similarities of this logo with Masonic elements. It has been a year since I made that post.

The thread has been visited by both Catholics, Masons, INCs and what have you.  And by golly, the name callings are all over the place.

Go over the post, which got 157 comments so far.


  1. The INC logo is consistent with much of what that sect borrowed from other groups. For instance the INC borrowed Gothic as an architectural idiom because its founder considered it "formal". At that time Gothic was the idiom used by American Protestants to differentiate themselves from the Roman Church. It does not surprise anyone that the INC would use "Masonic" elements in its logo. After all, perhaps the INC thought that Masonry being so anti-Catholic would represent its opposition to Roman Catholicism.

    I also note that the INC logo borrowed the design of the shield from the coat of arms of the Republic of the Philippines. So it is obvious that the INC is in the habit of borrowing!

    So I don't think it is worthwhile to read much into the symbolism of INC's logo beyond this. If Dan Brown read into this symbology, he would get nowhere!

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