Wednesday, September 1, 2010

CBCP's liturgical agenda is soooo obvious

As I read every news and blog post about the effectivity of the new and more faithful English translation of the new Missal of Paul VI, I tried my best, even though at the back of my mind, it would be an exercise in futility, to look for documents or pronouncements pertaining to the New Missal at the CBCP website.

I was not wrong.

I did not find any.

Out of curiosity, I searched for related documents at the CBCP website.

I found a news post about the approval of the Roman Missal in English.  But apart from this...nah!

I found Deus Caritas est and Sacramentum Caritatis...

But no Redemptionis Sacramentum and Summorum Pontificum.

Seems like the agenda of the CBCP is towards Philippine politics, ecological protection, etc...

Look at these links (here) and (here) and see for yourselves

Liturgical laws?  Naahhh.  Forget it.

The CBCP is like playing Lego's.  Pick what you want as you go along, then you have done something.

Each diocese, each its own way of celebrating the Liturgy.

Until that former liturgy professor from Sant Anselmo finds a new job and out of the CBCP...  And it did not help much for a publicity hugging bishop to head the commission...

God help us!


  1. As far as I know the new ICEL translation is for the US only until national bishops conferences adopt it.

  2. Just my point Dr. Ben. You have bishops like Broderick Pabillo who tells the government how to do their jobs while they dilly-dally on issues that are directly under their care!

    I am pretty sure that the CBCP will use the English translation as the basis for the Tagalog and other local dialect translation. As far as I know, since I know Cebuano, the Cebuano translation is more faithful to the Latin text than the Tagalog. It is pretty obvious that those who did the Tagalog Sacramentary based their translation on the old ICEL translation.

  3. Isn't the CBCP a member of the English Speaking Conference of Bishops sitting in ICEL which spearheaded the new translation?! If so, wouldn't that suggest that when the new translations come out in force on the Advent of 2011, the CBCP HAS to implement it? Am I wrong? The English speaking conferences all voted and worked for this new (and long overdue) translation, what kind of a hindrance would the CBCP now pull out of it's sleeves!

  4. Right you are kate! The CBCP is so fast when it comes to political issues but when it comes to things that pertain to their Job Descriptions, you can hear a cricket chirping! There is absolutely NO news or pronouncements about the new translations being used in the Philippines! I can name two people within CBCP who are working tirelessly, albeit silently, against this new translation. Two in the Archdiocese of Manila. At least I know one theology school in Manila, long suspect of producing heretics and Modernists, who are rallying against the translations. They know how active Catholic bloggers are and they sure know guerilla warfare against the Holy Father.

  5. I have my usual reservations on the new ICEL translation. There are parts of it like that "It will become for us our spiritual drink" that has never been revised. I am of the opinion that this can be interpreted as a denial of transubstantiation! The English Missal, a translation of the Tridentine Mass used by Anglo Catholics in the early 20th century has no such language that can be misunderstood.

    ICEL bits and pieces are sadly in the Anglican Use Mass. Anglican Catholics want these out for the reasons I have just written about. Anglican Catholics who plan to join the Catholic Church have a strong devotion and deep reverence to the Eucharist because they have lived in communion with Anglicans who have different beliefs on the matter. The Eucharist is our Pearl of Great Price. It is justifiable to lose everything for Him.

    This and others put Anglican Catholics on guard when Rome comes up with the Anglican Liturgies of the Catholic Church.

    And this is the reason too Mr Pinoy Catholic why some Pinoy priests don't really get the idea of why Anglicans are coming home!

  6. Mr Chupungco and Mr Diwa(Unworthy to be Called Father) are Promoters of FALSE LITURGICAL BULLS**T!!! So is The Loyola School of Theology!!

  7. I have recently talked to a few learned men of the cloth with regards to this question. According to them, when the Holy See approved the revision of the Roman Missal (and rightly so!) the English Speaking Conferences of Bishops who, as the body in charge in the ICEL Translation had intended to petition the Holy SEE, as it's SUPERIOR AUTHORITY, as the same body to have the revisions in use when the said Recognitio was given out. If then the same members of the same body should hinder the promulgation of the new missal intended for use on 2011, the case directly goes to the competent authority under the Holy See which in this case is the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. The one thing that struck me with the comment given is that "the Conference of Bishops that would try to hinder the promulgation would only show how incompetent they are in their jobs due to the fact that they are the ones who asked for the promulgation... and also would completely show how unfaithful they are to the Supreme Authority of the Holy Father."

    One begs to wonder if the CBCP is bold enough to try and pull this off. If some of the bumbling members of the American and Australian Conference has been knocked down a notch, one could only hope that the same would happen to the "rat pack" in our own CBCP! BTW, i would appreciate it you could name the names of those festering liberals so that we could not be afraid of them anymore. It was said once that "fear of a name only prolongs the fear itself!" We shouldn't be afraid anymore dont you think?

    Our Holy Father needs us now, even though we may be few in number, so we should stand up behind him and the few faithful Clergy that we have for Holy Mother Church! Our long awaited brothers in the Anglican Communion are the first to show their fidelity, albeit on guard, but we must stand too in faith and loyalty to those who faithfully "UPHOLD AND TEACH THE CATHOLIC FAITH!"

    San Lorenzo, Proto Martiri, Ora Pro Nobis!
    Servo di Dio Pio XII, Ora Pro Nobis!

  8. @Josemaria - Take it easy. Chupungco and Diwa are not as worse as those in Europe and the US. They are still ordained priests and they are to be so honored with the title Father. As with LST, there is a more troubling theology school. It's MST. Eco-feminism and Enneagram taught there. My seminarian friends who study there told me so. Now, you do the Math.

  9. @kate - I have been dropping the names before in my past posts. Anyway, if you want them...

    Fr. Anscar Chupungco, OSB - bad mouthed the Pope in his speeches. Runs Paul VI Institute in Malaybalay. Bedrock of liturgical creativism. Has a personal axe to grind with Pope Benedict as the pope, who was then cardinal, was instrumental in Chupungco getting the boot out of Sant Anselmo, the famous liturgical school of Rome.

    Archbishop Romulo Valles of Zamboanga - He came from the Diocese of Tagum. I know some of his confreres from the Diocese so...When he was bishop of Kidapawan, he was sooo close to the local politicians that he even dared challenged the Catholic radio station to either stop commenting against the politicians or risk being expelled from his diocese. Come to think of it, he is one of the champions of democracy in the Church, lay empowerment and stuff like that! He is the chair of the CBCP Liturgical Commission. He is also a member of ICEL. As far as his work in the CBCP goes...lame! Chupungco is running the show, not him. BUT...his liturgical and theological views are suspect.

    Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales follows whatever Fr. Chupungco and his proteges Frs. Genaro Diwa, Godwin Tatlonghari and Reginald Malicdem tell him. The cardinal is no liturgists and no theologian. He is a good man with a good heart but a bad choice for the See of Manila. The liturgy in the Archdiocese is being run by these three. And having an auxillary bishop like Broderick Pabillo is not helping either. He thinks he can run the government better than any of the elected officials!

    There you have it.

    Pray for the conversion of these men. That they may be faithful to the Holy Father and the Deposits of our Faith!

  10. Thanks for naming them and I do know you have always named them its just more practical for us to have their names when we discuss their work since it is not proper for us to talk about them without proper (sarcasm on) "commendation" (sarcasm off.) They do that themselves when they try to attack, veiled as always, the Pope or anyone who is in line with the reform. I guess what Im saying is that we shouldn't be like them, fear of a name only strengthens them..

    I wanted to mention Arch. Valles yesterday during my first post but digressed since he was of little value to the discussion (IMO). Yes, he is the representative member of the CBCP to the ICEL but that's about it. I know from personal sources how he got the job, which I will not discuss in respect to His Office, so please forgive me.

    A friend of ours worked in the Congregation of Bishops when His Eminence was chosen, and we were assured that he was chosen for a very good reason. Indeed he is a good man but please pray that the mission and reason that the Holy Father appointed him becomes clear enough for the good Cardinal, at least until he is still in the See of Manila. His Eminence will always have my prayers for I trust in his heart and in the grace of Almighty God.

    With regards to Rev Chapungco, he is and his lot is a dying breed. The more that progress IN THE RIGHT WAY comes our way, the more he and his breed will wail and clench their teeth and call attention to themselves. They think that the lay faithful are stupid not to see that they are being fed watered down faith and doctrine! The people they pretend to serve are seeing that they are not serving but feeding them what they hope what the truth is! As the great Fr. Z always says, we are not stupid!

    Save the Liturgy, Save the World!

  11. Simple arithmetic, Josemaria. Theology students preparing to get ordained, studying the occult.

    Seminarians + Occultism = Future dissenters

    I personally know priests who studied in this Theology school who brag about the "pastoral" nature of their studies. But ask them about the Catechism and they'll give yo a blank stare and say "You are so out of touch with the times."

    Now that is the kind of priests we will have.

    Now THAT is simple arithmetic to you.