Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pro-abortion zealots in Philippine soil!

These Obamaniacs are here!!! Sound the alarm.


MANILA, August 9, 2010— A lay advocacy group has come down heavily on calls to legalize abortions in the country, calling it “unacceptable” because it is a complete abomination to safeguarding human life.

Induced abortion is the deliberate termination of the life of an innocent human being and therefore, it is a crime,” the Pro-Life Philippines Foundation, Inc. said in a statement. [Just say that is is MURDER.]

Along with the Catholic hierarchy, the organization has openly lobbied lawmakers to drop any proposed legislation to legalize contraception.

Pro-Life also vowed to oppose any move to legalize even elective abortion for rape cases or when the fetus is deformed. [Don't call it fetus.  Call him or her an UNBORN CHILD!]

New-York-based Center for Reproductive Rights [aka Neo-Nazis, aka Agents of Death] earlier pushed for legalized abortion in the Philippines to stop the thousands of women who undergo “unsafe” and potentially fatal abortions each year. [And murdering of an unborn child is the solution?  And I thought that the first world is highly intellectual...]

The so-called women’s rights advocates thought that there will be certain liberal standards on the delicate issues of abortions and naturally [Duh!  You think?] the Church and other organizations are upset about this.

But the Pro-Life claimed that the legalization of abortion is not necessary to accomplish the government’s concern for poor women in crisis pregnancies.

If the government is serious in its efforts to remedy this dilemma, help should come in providing counseling services especially with abortion-minded women, post-abortion mothers and fathers, education programs, maternal and child care services, economic and social development programs that would put a stop to rape, incest, sex outside of marriage and other causes of unwanted pregnancies,” it said. [In other words, get to the source!  Why vent your energies on a poor defenseless unborn human being?]

“All men and women need to be educated on fetal development, the consequences of sex outside of marriage, on human sexuality, fertility and love, respect and relationships. Pregnant women need support and help, not abortion. We should be saving lives, not taking them,” the group added. (Roy Lagarde/CBCPNews)


If anyone starts talking about women's rights and the right to choose what's good for you, better hold two things, a bottle of Holy Water or a rope.  Chances are you'll need those if you cannot convince them to change their minds.  One things leads to another and rights advocates usually go down the abortion road.

Of course, the rope thing is a joke.  But the Holy Water...

Lucifer is not resting.  So should we.

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  1. The only reproductive right I support is the right to have sex or not. Beyond that life has its rights!