Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Priest says Church may share blame for hostage drama

"The Catholic Church may have to share the blame for the violent outcome of Monday's hostage crisis in Manila where eight tourists from Hong Kong were killed , a Catholic priest admitted Tuesday.

Fr. Samuel Canilang, director of Institute for Consecrated Life in Asia, said the Church failed to instill basic human and Christian values.

"The Church has failed, although it is trying its best, to cope with the situation of poverty and helplessness that led to desperation," Canilang said in an article posted on the Union of Catholic Asian News website.

Such failure to inculcate “basic human and Christian values" extended even among Church members, he said."

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The Church has the moral obligation to instill moral and Christian values on each and every soul she shepherds.  The priest has a good intention but his statement is leaning towards generalization.

So if that were the case...

For everything wrong that happens to the country...
For everything bad that a Catholic does in this predominantly Catholic country...

The Church is part to blame?

What do you think?


  1. Nope.

    We cannot blame the whole Church in the Philippines just because an individual failed to uphold his Christian values.

    Can we blame God of our own negligence?

  2. Similarly we can't blame the University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila,DLSU, UE, FEU, AdU, UST etc if any of their alumni failed to uphold their school's ideals. These universities prepare a young person's character. However what they do to that is their concern and they have to be accountable to their Maker.

  3. I Think The Priest Should Have Not Made The Statement,Because It Would Give Fodder To Church's Critics(Sex Abuse,RH Bill etc..).Also It's A Wrong Time To Make One