Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The example of St. Thomas More

Excerpts from an article by Deacon Keith Fournier from


Thomas More showed heroic courage in the face of a State which had lost its soul. He never wavered in his fidelity to the Truth. He would not betray the truth or compromise it on the altar of public opinion for political opportunism. He knew that to do so would not only have dishonored God and led his family and so many others astray, but that it would have given tacit assent to the emerging despotism of his age. Thomas More was brought to trial for his fidelity to the Truth. As is often the case with persecution against Christians, it was framed as a charge against the "positive law". This outstanding lawyer defended the Truth - for which he would later give his life.

Thomas used the occasion of the Courtroom, where he had practiced his trade, to defend the Truth and its obligations in the temporal order. In the eloquent words of the Servant of God, John Paul II, who proclaimed him not only the Patron of all lawyers but the Patron of all politicians, "he made an impassioned defense of his own convictions on the indissolubility of marriage, the respect due to the juridical patrimony of Christian civilization, and the freedom of the Church in her relations with the State."

He was found "guilty", this man of truth and the patently unjust verdict still brings shame upon every unjust tribunal and misuse of governmental power as it increases on an almost daily basis. Thomas faced his executioners with the very same dignity he had shown in life, speaking with humor and affection to them even before they beheaded him. After his death it was found that he had left these words in the margin of his Book of Hours: "Give me your grace, good Lord, to set the world at have my mind well united to you; to not depend on the changing opinions of that I may think joyfully of the things of God and tenderly implore his help. So that I may lean on God's strength and make an effort to love him... So as to thank Him ceaselessly for his benefits; so as to redeem the time I have wasted..."


Can we say the same for Knights of Columbus officials who refuse to discipline members who are politicians who support abortion policies?  Can we say the same for bishops who do the same by continuing to play politics of accommodation by continuing to give Communion to Catholic politicians who continue to cause scandal to the Church by supporting abortion and same sex marriage?


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