Monday, July 12, 2010

SNAPSHOT: Pinay Catholics

Circa 1918.

Catholic Modesty and Piety never goes out of style!

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  1. Hi there! I have been reading your blogs and find a wealth of information, provocative and heartwarming. I do agree with your observation on the abuses done in the name of the Holy Eucharist, and shares your aspiration that the day comes we approach the table of the Lord with reverence due only to Him and Him alone. Simple, holy, sans the abuse.

    You are fortunate to assist at Tridentine Masses. Unfortunately, I only served twice and that was years ago. How I wish I can assist at one, but given my present circumstances, I cannot, for the lack of time (and may God forgive me)

    I have been attending the Novus Ordo mass and I believe that it has the same efficacy as that of the Tridentine one. Although I will not debate on this, rather would like to share what I found over the internet:

    I hope you find time to read and share what your thoughts on this.

    May Jesus live in our hearts forever!