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Rant time: Anti-Catholic columnist hits Cardinal Rosales; blasphemes the Holy Spirit!

From the column of Conrado de Quiross, columnist of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.  This is the same guy who attacked Cardinal Jaime Sin and Archbishop Soc Villegas and even President Cory Aquino.  After the death of the former president, he came running back like a dog to the former president even delivering a touching eulogy. He even attacked the new president and conjured up lies about the Aquino family's Hacienda Luisita and now...he writes favorably of President Noynoy Aquino! Awww....schucks!  A***kisser...

Read his rants.


Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales says he and his bishops will celebrate for the first time a Red Mass on Thursday to “cast off political divisions” and unite the country. [This is an old article as I am no fan on this guy's work.] The Red Mass dates back to the Middle Ages, marking the descent of the Holy Spirit on Christ’s apostles. It is called so because the celebrators wear red vestments symbolizing the tongues of fire that descended on the apostles and gave them divine wisdom. “It’s for guidance. The Holy Spirit is being invoked to enlighten those who will govern.” [Does he even believe in the Holy Spirit?] The invitees are P-Noy, V-Nay and the top officials of the three branches of government.

[Now here comes the rant of this looney.]

That is all very fine, except that it comes a little too late. [Since when is the Mass too late?  Probably because the bishops think that Arroyo is beyond the powers of prayer?] Rosales should have held that Mass several years ago, specifically in mid-2005, when the “Hello, Garci” tape surfaced. Then the Holy Spirit might have descended upon him and his bishops and given them the wisdom not to prop up Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo after shocking evidence showed she stole her office. [I may agree on him on this one but still...] Or indeed not to have turned his back on Corazon Aquino who took her cue of asking Arroyo to resign from him. [Wow now he just does too much sucking of the dead president!] He would say later he never suggested anything of the kind, making Cory feel so betrayed she almost turned Protestant,  or so she joked despairingly afterward. Divine wisdom, like God, works in mysterious ways, not insidious ones.  [Well, I hope it works on this guy!]

Rosales’ invocation today of the Holy Spirit to descend on the new government officials, which Christ did unto his apostles, can only produce a slew of doubting Thomases who would be at pains to see the wounds on his hands that came from being nailed to the cross. [And he knows this for a fact, know well how the Holy Spirit works?] Most of them can only show him the wounds on their hands that came from his nailing them to the cross. Not least P-Noy and V-Nay, especially V-Nay whom the ruler Rosales sustained spiritually [did he?  The cardinal was apolitical! He was busy collecting quarters for the poor that he could not care much about what is happening in Philippine politics!  If he should have said that the cardinal committed a sin of omission during the political turmoil of Arroyo, then I would have agreed!] and physically in Malacañang singled out for harassment, persecution and intimidation throughout the course of her rule.

Indeed, Rosales’ invocation of the Holy Spirit to descend on the new government officials can only truly recall the Middle Ages, also called the Dark Ages, [This is an anti-catholic tag of that period in history! Most modern scholars who study the era tend to avoid the term altogether for its negative connotations, finding it misleading and inaccurate for any part of the Middle Ages."] when the popes and bishops felt free to spread the same intrigues and practice the same subterfuges as the kings and princes—well catalogued by Niccolo Machiavelli [Wow!  Now there is one VERY OBJECTIVE guy who we can trust to write about the history of the Church!] in “The Prince”—if not more so. I do not know what spirit will descend upon the new governors if they should be around to receive it, but I doubt it will be holy. [He knows his kind.] The point of the exercise anyway is not to bestow anything upon the new governors, it is to show that the archbishop of Manila is still in a position to bestow things upon governors. [Now that is just plain arrogant and dumb!] In short, that he remains a voice to be heeded, if not a force to reckon with. [You think?  Genius.]

For so long have clerics gotten away with murder in this country it’s time to take them to task. [Hey grow up! We are in the 21st century! If clerics were so bad, why are our people so respective of them?] It is not just governors who owe the governed their protection, it’s also the moralists who owe the faithful their morality. The bishops may not lie beyond the judgment of politics, not least when they indulge in politics, [This guy is Floyd Chickenfeathers! Let's see him accuse the Iglesia ni Cristo of the same thing! He defintely won't... Why? Because he is...CHICKEN!] and not least when they perpetuate oppression. Certainly, they may not lie beyond the judgment of morality, not least when they justify cheating by saying “everybody cheats anyway,” and not least when they excuse spiritual death by saying “life goes on.” [Oh, Lord.  What a load of crap!]

We may not be able to prosecute them in the courts of law for contributing to trashing this country, [crap!] but we may certainly prosecute them in a higher court, [crap!] which is the court of public opinion. [Mega crap! His words and opinion is mega crap because he thinks his writings represent the court of public opinion.  That is how bloated this man's ego is!] We may not try them in the courts of law and jail them when they are found guilty of endorsing the theft of the vote, the theft of the nation’s patrimony (which the NBN deal also was), and the theft of the country’s hope, but we may try them in the court of public opinion [his own teeny tiny little world.] and if found guilty hold them up to scorn. [he is scornful, all the days of his life.]

The Mass could be yellow instead of red for all the world cares, [See what an genius this guy is!  HELLO!  Yellow is not liturgical color!  Go to Jefferts-Schori or Richard McBrien!  Maybe they'll like it!]  but it would remain self-serving. The proposition that this country’s leaders, old and new, oppressor and oppressed, guilty and innocent, should come together to preside over the future of the country means expunging the sins of the clerics who belong to the old, the oppressor and the guilty and putting them back in power. More than that, the Mass could be modern instead of medieval for all the world cares, [Son of a !.....He keeps on blabbering about things he does not even know!  And they give him a space to write!  See why I hate the Philippine Daily Inquirer even if I was a student of one of the big bosses of THAT paper!] but it would still be calling for the wrong things. The last thing a project of allowing evil in the form of the people who lied, cheated, stole and murdered to flourish will do is conjure the Holy Spirit. [That is theologian de Quiros for you folks.  Those politicians who are guilty of lying, cheating and stealing DO need a lot of mercy and blessing from the Holy Spirit!  Maybe not this self-righteous blasphemer!  And what is about the conjure the Holy Spirit thing?!?!  HE IS GOD!  He is no witchcraft thing that you conjure!  Damn this guy has a reserved ticket down there!]

It is superfluous in any case. The Holy Spirit has already descended in an affair less glittering, or less garish, [was he in the Upper Room?  Did he just think he is one of the twelve?  I know that the position of Judas Iscariot was filled by Matthias.  As an apostle...Well, if he wants to fill the position of the one who kissed Jesus for 30 silver coins, then be our guest.  The shoe DOES fit!] than the one Rosales proposes, and without being invoked. Christ once said, “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them,” and no people gather more in his name than those seeking justice. I am no expert in theology, [THEN WHY THE HELL!!!!] but maybe the Holy Spirit harks to the same thing too and descends unbidden upon a gathering determined to pursue it.

If so, then it descended on those that gathered at the inauguration of Noynoy Aquino last Wednesday. If so, then it descended upon Noynoy Aquino when he said, “To those who have done me wrong, I can forgive you and have already forgiven you; [no wonder he is sucking up!  After all the lies he wrote against Noynoy!]  but to those who have done the nation wrong, I have no right to forgive you.” If so then it descended on the throng that applauded that declaration wildly, suffusing them with light and giving them the gift of insight.

The principle remains the same. The point of unity is to heal the wounds of the wounded, not the hands of those who wounded them. [Huh?  Maybe it is about justice!] The point of unity is to restore the honor and position of those who were deprived and abused, not the dishonor and disposition of those who deprived and abused them. The point of unity is to reconcile with the people, not with their oppressors.  [IT IS JUSTICE BLASPHEMER!]

That is tongues of fire. [Maybe set your tongue on fire, blasphemer!]


Cardinal Rosales is no Cardinal Sin and both of them are not perfect.  I am not fan of Cardinal Rosales especially on his dreadful treatment of Summorum Pontificum, playing more powerful than the pope.

But when it push comes to shove...Man, bring it on!

This guy, who I don't even know if a Catholic, has never written anything good about the Church.  THEY ARE EVEN CHICKEN WHEN IT COMES TO MUSLIMS AND IGLESIA NI CRISTO!   Now, there is journalist vigilance for you folks!

From now on...


Without money, the Devil cannot rant!

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