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Pope's visit to Britain a mistake, says anti-Catholic minister

As if this is a surprise!

From the Irish Times


POPE BENEDICT’S visit to Britain in September is “a mistake”, and the Catholic Church’s response to clerical sex abuse is “very weak” and “an absolute disgrace”, former DUP leader Rev Ian Paisley has said.

Dr Paisley, [Doctor!  Huh.] in an extended interview with the BBC broadcast last night, said he stood by long established claims by him that the pope is the anti-Christ, and that Catholics were encouraged by their church to breed like rabbits. [If this doesn't sound like Hitler, then what does?  This jerk is the one that should be put in jail along with those sex abusers, in and out of the church!]

... [I had to edit some lines regarding Ireland's politics which have no relation to the Pope's visit and this loony's diatribe.]

Regarding the pope’s visit to Britain, the first by a pope since 1982, Dr Paisley said it was a mistake. “I think he should not be invited to the country,” he said. “But I don’t know how it has been done because they have had it all secret. Nobody knows who made the thing. You go and ask a question of any Minister and he says he doesn’t want to have anything to do with it.” [Wow.  He has an EXTENSIVE network of information.]

He criticised the Irish Catholic Church for its stand on sex abuse of children, [what stand?!] claiming the bishops had been “very weak”. “I believe that any man that destroys a child’s life, as we have seen scores of young people in this day and generation – and then the church having to wait until it’s uncovered – is an absolute disgrace,” he said.


He also stood by his long-held beliefs regarding Catholics. Reminded of his claims that Catholics were vermin who bred like rabbits, he said: “I don’t think that it’s wrong to say that the Roman Catholic Church did believe that they [adherents] should have very large families. And large Roman Catholic families were brought into existence simply because of that.” [OH mercy on this guy!  He can share a table with Osama bin Laden.  This poor nut is full of hate!]

Asked whether he regretted such comments, he said simply: “I haven’t said anything that is contrary to what I believe to be truth. [He really is a master of self-hypnosis, ain't it?] And for me to say that I am going to turn my back on all I’ve said would be nonsense. I believed it and I said it, and it stands the test.”

On the question of the pope being branded as the anti-Christ by Dr Paisley in the European Parliament in 1988, he said: “Well it’s quite true. [The pope] does seek by his claims to replace Christ. And he puts himself in the place of Christ."  [I think we call that "alter Christus"  and it happens every Mass...for every priest...every bishop...and not just the pope.  Get it?  Study your enemy first before you open your mouth.  Your telling everyone how stupid of an idiot you are.  Wow, what a term.]

“Take the list of names that he calls himself. The Roman Catholic Church turns to us and says you shouldn’t call him the anti-Christ. Well, if a man comes to me and says he can forgive sins, then he is taking the place of Christ – no one can forgive sins except God." [Sounds like the Pharisees and scribes who were after Christ's neck, eh like in Mk 2:7? And these are bible thumping thugs yet they purposely turn a blind eye on Jn. 20:23.]

“A person like some of the priests we’ve had destroying the lives of young people and then going out and saying I can forgive sins – it’s only right that be called what it is. That is anti-Christ in teaching and in doctrine.”

Dr Paisley was asked whether he stood by comments that the papacy is “the seed of the serpent, the progeny of hell”. He answered: “Yes, yes, and so it is.”


“We must come to the place where Protestants and Roman Catholics have got to live together, practise whatever religion they want provided it’s within the law, and in their own churches. And get away from the old days when you wanted to wipe out your neighbour because he had different politics and different religions.”


This nutcase called DOCTOR Paisley is soooo anti-Catholic, he infamously insulted Pope John Paul II while the pope was addressing the European Parliament back in 1988.  His fellow lawmakers booed him out of the hall and some even threw things at him causing him to be hospitalized.

If DOCTOR Paisley is sooooo against sexual abuse of children, then why is this BIGOT turning a blind eye towards the abuse of his fellow Presbyterian minister accused of the same wrongdoing?  Read this one about a Presybyterian minister accused of sexually molesting young boys.

Or maybe he can read about a Presbyterian minister and university professor who settled for $150,000 with his victim.

If anti-Catholic bashers like Paisley try to be more objective as they proudly claim to be, try looking here for other sex abuse cases and see that it is NOT confined in the Catholic Church.  It is present in ALL religions and even in the public school system and EVEN within the homes of the victims themselves.

Does Hell's Bible aka New York Times publish these?  Does DOCTOR Paisley care about this?


The devil has set his eyes on the Church.


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  1. Did Rev Paisley ever admitted that it was a mistake for Protestant paramilitaries to murder Catholic fathers? (Here I don't mean priests, but daddies!)