Sunday, July 18, 2010

Killer quotes from a liberal liturgist...Time is ticking

A quote from "chant historian" Peter Jeffery  who describes himself “as conservative as one can get without rejecting Vatican II”.  Read below is he is as what he claims to be.

Here is an excerpt from that dreadful Modernist website for liturgist Pray Tell Blog about Mr. Jeffery's comment on Liturgiam Authenticam, or the Instruction "FOR THE RIGHT IMPLEMENTATION OF THE CONSTITUTION ON THE SACRED LITURGY 

But the most worrisome thing about LA is that what it lacks in factuality it makes up with naked aggression. It speaks words of power and control rather than cooperation and consultation, much less charity...
Liturgiam authenticam should be summarily withdrawn, on the grounds that it was released prematurely, before proper consultation with a sufficient number of experts had been completed.


Here is the thing with these modernist liturgist:

1.  they demand consultation since they cannot push their agenda in a more conservative discipline that we have thanks to Pope Benedict XVI.

2.  They have a huge problem with their ecclesiology.  They want to think that their can make the Roman Catholic Church like the sunny and happily disunited Anglican Communion.

3.  They think only the experts have a say in liturgy, like our good old friend Anscar.  And when people of authority come in, let's say the Congregation of Divince Worship, or the Pope himself, they go running around crying their heads off and saying "They are using their authority to trump us down!  They are bullies!  They don't listen to us even if we are the EXPERTS in this field!"

Well,  BOO HOO!

Time is up for the kumbaya Church!

Bugnini is long dead.  Piero Marini is out of the liturgical picture.  Anscar is out selling books and conducting seminars.  Anthony Ruff is barking his head off against the Reform of the Reform...

The list of names goes on and on and on...

Just admit it.

Your liturgical agenda will not push through.

Maybe a new way of looking at the Liturgy and the Church is better?

Ehhh... I think it's harder for these people to do that.

A career change will be easier for them.

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