Monday, July 12, 2010

How you can help Catholic professor, Dr. Ken Howell

You may remember the post I did yesterday about the Catholic professor who was fired because he stated the homosexual acts are immoral and go against he Natural Moral Law.

I just received this update from my Facebook account:
My dear friends and colleagues:

Now that this issue has hit the national media, many people have asked me what they can do concretely, right now, to help Dr. Howell. Thus, I present three actions that you can take:

1) Continue praying for him and for all of those who are involved in this situation.

2) Invite all your friends to join this Facebook group. Group membership has exploded in the last 48 hours since the first news article came out, which is great, but we can spread awareness of this injustice even further by expanding it.

3) Change your Facebook status to help spread the word further, to something like what mine is now: "At the University of Illinois, doing your job gets you fired. @Save Dr. Ken!"

There will be other action items coming soon, so keep your eye on your inboxes. I'll be keeping you posted.

I remain your servant in Christ,

-Trisha Tan

Follow what Trisha Tan is requesting which I already did in my FB account.  But more than that...

Arm yourselves brothers and sisters. We are at war with evil lurking in the world.

Pray the Rosary! Say the St. Michael prayer!

Offer your Masses for the conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls!

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