Saturday, July 10, 2010

Conservatives foil appointment of gay man as Anglican Bishop in England!

From LifeSiteNews


An attempt to name an openly homosexual priest as Anglican Bishop of Southwark in England has been foiled by conservatives following the premature revelation of his candidacy, according to reports in the British media. [See who got mad with the foiling of this attempt!]

Dr. Jeffrey John, who lives in a civil union with a man, while claiming to live a chaste life, was rejected after a leak to the media that he was under consideration, provoking a strongly negative response from more conservative Anglicans. It is the second time [Someone really want him to be bishop!  Learn who.] his candidacy has been rejected. The first rejection, in 2003, happened under similar circumstances.

Dr. Rowan Williams, the Anglican Communion's leading bishop, was reportedly infuriated by the leak and has launched an investigation to determine who was responsible for it.[TADA!]

The conflict over the abortive appointment of John comes as the Anglican leadership prepares to meet Saturday in a General Synod to discuss another issue of contention in the Anglican Communion: the appointment of female bishops. Female priests are already a cause of bitter division among Anglicans, and for many, female bishops are sufficient reason to terminate their relationship with the Communion. [And the aversion of the Bible and Apostolic Tradition continues!]

Anglican conservatives in Britain, the United States, and other countries have broken communion with their local bishops in recent years over such issues, and in some cases have initiated the process to enter into communion with the Catholic Church. [Thanks to Anglicanorum coetibus!]

An openly homosexual bishop, Gene Robinson, was appointed as bishop of New Hampshire in 2003, and only two months ago an open lesbian, Mary Glasspool, was named suffragan bishop in the diocese of Los Angeles. Both live with their gay lovers. Their appointments have accelerated the process of disintegration in the Anglican Communion. [Thanks to Katherine Jefferts-Schori and Rowan Williams!]


Thanks to Benedict XVI, the Pope of Christian Unity, the doors of Holy Mother Church makes it possible for our Anglican brethren to return to the faithful teachings of Christ!

Now this is true ecumenism! Hear that Cardinal Kasper?


  1. It just shows Rowan Cantuar is no longer respected. He supported Canon John's episcopal nomination seven years only to run scared when the conservatives hounded him. Poor Jeffrey John was asked to reject his nomination by the man who affirmed (pun intended) his nomination!

    BTW, the Synod on Monday will be a watershed event in the Anglican Communion. The Communion may implode and we can see it on YouTube!

  2. I also would like to add that it is Katherine Jefferts-Schori who is the spark that will cause the implosion. Rowan of Canterbury (who is a Catholic, not Roman, not Anglo, but Rowan!) is a collateral damage because of the nature of his office. He has only direct authority in his Diocese of Canterbury.

    I admire Rowan for his catholicity. Beneath the liberal and affirming lie Catholic orthodox gems. His homily at Lourdes is an example. While he won't sign up for the Ordinariate, many miracles have happened due to the intercession of Our Lady, which Rowan has a strong devotion to. After his Via Dolorosa to Lambeth's Calvary, who knows, the quiet life of a married Catholic theologian priest may be irresistable.

    And I used the word "homily" when he spoke at Lourdes. He is the first Archbishop of Canterbury to give a homily at Mass there. Recall that Protestants give "sermons" but only Catholics give "homilies".

    The Vatican never made a peep when he gave his homily. Why? It is because Vatican insiders know that Rowan of Canterbury has valid orders! With a valid orders, he can preach at Mass, which Protestants can't do.

    I asked even the most traditionalists of Catholics and they all agreed he has valid orders. But of course they won't find it amusing that he celebrates the Tridentine Mass, but they know that if he does, it would be valid but illicit.

    Some Catholics even call him "crypto-Tridentine!"

    As for Schori, we all know she just acts out the role of a priest and bishop! Any mass she celebrates is definitely invalid!