Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rant time: When can we get things right at CBCP?

Catholics attend a Mass presided by Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo at the St. Peter Cathedral in Quezon City on Sunday for the immediate passage of the Freedom of Information bill in Congress. In his homily, Pabillo called on lawmakers to show their commitment to the Constitution by ratifying the measure which lays down a process allowing journalist and ordinary citizens to access public documents. (Vince Lazatin/CBCP-Nassa)


The photo caption is from CBCP News.  Now let me get things straight...

1.  St. Peter's in Commonwealth Avenue is not a Cathedral or is not THE Cathedral of the Diocese of Novaliches.  I would have let this go if it were a secular journalist writing this but this is a writer for the CBCP!  Journalists MUST check their facts straight.

2.  Did the Archdiocese of Manila ask for an auxilliary bishop who will focus more on social and political issues and not in actually helping the archbishop run the archdiocese as an auxilliary is expected to do?  I have not seen or heard Bishop Pabillo talk about church matters.  He was an advocate for climate change, anti-Charter change...when will he do his REAL role as a bishop?  He seems to be trapped in the 60s and 70s.  As I have written a countless number of times "YOU DO NOT NEED ORDINATION TO PUSH FOR THESE SOCIAL AND POLITICAL REFORMS!"


  1. If the CBCP wants a Freedom of Information Bill for the secular State, then it should have a Freedom of Information Canon in its Canon Law.

  2. I would have to agree with you regarding the use of the right terminology and yes, journalists should be accurate.

    With regard to Bp. Pabillo, I believe that we must also recognize that a bishop should not only take care of his flock with regard to matters of the spirit but they are also to take care of the people entrusted to them with regard to their temporal well-being. We should remember that the Church also seeks for the fullness of life for its members and this includes social and political matters. In some way, through the activities of the said bishop, the faithful are brought closer to Christ and I believe that is the real duty of every bishop and even every one of us.

  3. In terms of percentage, how much does Bishop Pabillo spends on taking care of the spiritual welfare of his flock?

    Thanks for commenting browebmaster.

  4. Well, I am not in the position to weigh that since I'm not from the Archdiocese of Manila. However, I believe that through the various advocacies he engages in he takes care of both the temporal and spiritual needs of his flock. The spirit is nourished constantly in the life of a Catholic most of the time by just living life. Living through all the pains of the world teaches a person matters which relate to the spirit and much more when he recognizes the company of Christ through his servant like bishops, priests and even lay people.

    Keep on blogging about our faith!