Tuesday, June 29, 2010

About religious statues and priestly misconduct

The world's largest Catholic statue was unveiled on June 26 in the city of Santa Cruz in Brazil.  The statue of St. Rita of Cascia towers 183 feet, which is 65 feet taller than the famous Christ the Redeemer statue that sits atop Rio de Janeiro.
According to Cancao Nova news, the rector of the Shrine of St. Rita, Father Aerton Sales, said he hopes the statue will attract greater religious tourism to the region.  [And anti-Catholic bashers as well.  Count on it.] During the annual celebration of the feast of St. Rita, the shrine attracts some 50,000 visitors.
The inauguration of the statue included a Mass and a ceremony of blessing attended by the governor of the state of Rio Grande do Note, Ibere Ferreira de Souza.  A procession followed with the faithful carrying replicas of the massive statue.
I hope to get photos of the procession.
This is a great way of fostering religious fervor among our faithful.
On a side note about religious statues, let me give you a very funny story of how money corrupts.
Remember the post Vatican II euphoria of leaving nothing inside the church except the altar, a cross, presider's chair and pulpit?  Makes you wonder if you are in a Catholic or Baptist structure.
Anyways, our "Deal or No Deal parish priest, who recently became "Hi-Hello" in his opening and closing boring-logue (a monologue that is...), stashed away all the religious statues in our massive church.  Recently, I was surprised to see some of the statues being displayed near the entrance of the main church, until I found out the real reason behind it.
Apparently, our dear Reverend Showman was interested to take out the statues after he was convinced that DONATION BOXES can be placed near the statues.
So, I think that that is the magic word.
The church also is like a construction firm, lots of renovation going on, even if there is nothing to renovate.  Seems the guy has an M.A. (Mimicking an Architect).
Or did he learn something from Philippine politics?  Hmmm...
I have first hand info into the transactions of this priest.  And mind you, if he is not shackled or put in his proper place, this priest will hurt Holy Mother Church even more!

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