Monday, May 17, 2010

Request for prayers: Bishops against Anglicanorum coetibus

Ben Vallejo, a regular TPC reader sent me the following message:
An Anglican Use parishioner from the US and now working in the Philippines is considering organizing an Anglican Catholic ecumenical Evening Prayer sometime later this year. [Wow great!] So far a traditionalist Filipino Episcopal priest is interested in leading the service. If this ever happens, this would be the first Anglican Use liturgy in the country (in the wake of Anglicanorum Coetibus). To be honest there has been resistance on the Catholic side. [No doubt about it!] We have to ask the Catholic bishop to grant us permission and a friendly Catholic priest advised us that it might be seen as another "EF headache". In the absence of an Anglican Ordinariate, the Anglican Use can only be celebrated outside the USA with permission from the local bishop.

Given the problems facing the Anglican Communion, I was told by the Episcopalians interested in the idea that their bishops are not enthusiastic at all. Well I get the impression that getting permission to hold the EF in Anglican churches may be easier than getting an OK from the Catholics to hold a Catholic traditional liturgy (which is legitimate) in their churches! [Oh yeah, Ben!  Try doing that to the Manila Cathedral and you'll see how Cardinal Rosales, Frs. Chupungco and Diwa would make a big fuzz about it!]

Please say a Rosary for our intentions here. And God bless you and your family.

 Things to be of note here:

The laity are the ones working towards REAL Christian Unity as envisioned and espoused by the Pope of Christian Unity.  And the bishops are the ones working against it.  It is happening in the US and it is also happening here in the Philippines.  Most Pinoy bishops are against Summorum Pontificum and no doubt they will be against Anglicanorum ceotibus.  How many bishops have voiced their support for both SP and AC?  Can you hear what I hear?  (Cue the crickets!)  Can you see the lighting speed our bishops issue statements anything about politics and social issues?  Faster than a speeding bullet...(Cue Superman March!)

Why, my dear TPC readers you might ask?  Let me answer that by quoting a bishop who told us "We are not working to convert these Muslims Catholics.  We are working to make them good Muslims."

Call it whatever you want but this is how modernist our bishops are here in the Philippines.  I find it crazy for a bishop to say this thing because:

1.  A bishop is concerned for the salvation of souls, Catholic or not!
2.  If I were a Muslim, and a Catholic bishop tells me he'd help me become a better Muslim, I'd raise my eyebrows and tell him "Who are you to tell me how to be a good Muslim when you are not one!"

Most missionaries these days are like that.  Ask them why they are missionaries and they'll tell you they want to create a better place to live in.  You'd be surprised.  You'd think they are aiming for the Miss Universe title!

Please pray for our Episcopalian and Anglican brothers and sisters who want to come back home to the Catholic Church.  Say the rosary for this intention and for Ben Vallejo...

Include in your prayers ALL our bishops for their conversion.  Offer up your Mass for their conversion.  As I have said a million times here at TPC, they need to rediscover their TRUE JOB TITLES AND DESCRIPTIONS.  And just like all bishops, priests and religious, we ALL need to rediscover our TRUE CATHOLIC IDENTITY.

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