Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lesson to be learned...the hard way!

My stepfather told me of this story that happened a few days ago. 

He said he was with a group of friends having a friendly chat on the sidewalk.  A few meters from them are a group of young men talking loudly.  A few minutes later, they were surprised to see the young men fighting.   Then out of nowhere, a guy in white t-shirt and jeans tried to break up the fight.  The fighting youth soon vented their anger upon the guy in white shirt.  He was punched in the face!  He almost had his jaw broken. 

My stepfather's friend and the others who saw the commotion helped break the fight.  (My stepfather did not bother helping as he is physically unable after his hospitalization. )

His friend then realized that the guy who had his wits punched out of him, is the.....(DRUM ROLL PLEASE!) parish priest! 

They then asked the guys to apologize to the priest for what they did.  They obligingly said sorry and the priest was kind enough to accept them, trying very hard to muster another sound to come out of his almost dislocated jaw other than a grunt.

Moral of the story:  wear your clerical garb so you won't get sucker punched!

If policemen, security guards, doctors, nurses, firemen, etc. wear their uniform when they are performing their duties, why not a priest?  But hey Pinoy Catholic, you might say...the priest was off duty!  A PRIEST WILL NEVER BE OFF DUTY.  A priest will never know when the powers of ordination bestowed upon him will come into play.  And in this case, the mere presence of a man in robes would have silenced those wild guys.  Just a mere presence


In the photo below, with the same situation I mentioned above, who do you think would get sucker punched?



Thanks to Fr. Abe, CRS of wonderful blog, The Splendor of the Church for the photo.  You can see the rest of his photos taken from the 2nd National Congress of the Priest by clicking here.

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