Thursday, May 6, 2010

From Jewish to Protestant then all the way back home...

 This is the story of Rosalind Moss, born and raised in a Jewish family.  In her adulthood, she converted to Evangelical Protestantism, later earning a master's degree in Ministry from Talbot Theological Seminary. She had a successful 15-year business career as an executive with corporations in New York and California.   Later she set out to find if the Catholic Church is indeed the only Church Christ founded 2,000 years ago. After 18 years as a Protestant, she went back home to the Catholic Church at Easter 1995.

Now, she founded a religious order of sisters called Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope.  Take note of her cross.

 And, in case you are interested, she loves attending the Traditional Mass.

She is a regular contributor and apologist of Catholic Answers.  Here is her profile in that website.  Here is an interview with her at St. Louis Catholic.


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