Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yellow is not a liturgical color

I am not saying that Bishop Lucilo Quiambao is saying this or is willfully wearing yellow vestments. I believe this is supposed to be gold to mark his Golden Sacerdotal Anniversary.  But this I find too odd... the photo caption.

Legazpi’s Apostolic Administrator Emeritus Lucilo Quiambao, with yellow robe [ROFL!] and wearing a mitre, greets the faithful as he arrives in procession for mass to celebrate his 50th Sacerdotal anniversary at the St. Rose of Lima Parish in Bacacay, Albay, April 9. (Jose M. Locsin, Jr.)

Maybe the CBCP needs to re-orient their journalists of the real liturgical colors.

I am a bit confused with the color of the inside of the surplice of the MC of the bishop.  His cassock is black but the inside of the surplice is amaranth red.  Nice touch of the lace though.  Chupungco must be grimacing at the sight.

Nice shot of my brother Sir Knights serving as honor guards.

Huzzah to Bishop Quiambao!


  1. Sorry to say this but the Good Bishop looks like a giant mango! He should have worn golden cloth.

  2. What about gold colored chasuble? is it ok for our Clergy to wear it especially during High Mass? Because there are some who are wearing it especially our Pope and his co-celebrants.