Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rita Ferrone would not dare answer my question about the effects of liturgical inculturation!

I checked on the thread of my discussion with Rita Ferrone on Pray Tell Blog and how she exults the inculturation (which I call adulteration) as espoused by Anscar Chupungco.  I posted it here and am awaiting her response.  I posted my response too to my questions about her painting of the picture of  the great work inculturation did in the growth of the Church in Asia and Africa.

She denies implying or saying that inculturation was instrumental in the growth of the Church in those continents yet she keeps on quoting statistics and even dares ask “Why is this growth happening if liturgical inculturation is driving people away?”

Guess what I found?

My last post was deleted.  She did not answer my question.  It seems she makes it appear that I did not answer her question.

Just as I posted...

This is a classic example of active participation in their own terms.  When you actively participate in discussions such as these, they shut you off and make you appear stupid.
They hate the "centrality" of the Church just as how John Paul II and Benedict XVI did and is doing it.  They hate the hierarchical church.  They hate it when authorities impose on them.  They want more democracy in discussions and in governance. Yet here they are... 

As if you do not know anything about your faith, your patrimony...

These are the real communists...the real dictators and tyrants!  Never wanting anyone to question what they want their Church to be.



  1. Dear PinoyCatholic... I think we have to put aside for the moment our beef with the trendies in the Catholic Church and aim our guns on Evangelical Atheists like Richard Dawkins.

    Dawkins seems to be transmogrifying into the worst kind of religious bigot.

  2. I partially agree with your suggestion Ben in that people who are lukewarm are those that we have to be on the lookout for. I say lukewarm because you do not know whether in fact they are indeed Catholic or trying to be called one but are Evangelical wolves in sheep's clothing. Dawkins is a lost case. He is on belongs to the pit.