Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Papa Benny appoints pro-life bishop to "gay friendly" Miami

Pope Benedict XVI has appointed Bishop Thomas Wenski of Orlando, Florida, to become the next metropolitan archbishop of Miami, replacing Archbishop John Favalora, whose resignation was accepted by the Vatican on Tuesday.

This is a bit unexpected as Favalora will not turn 75 until this December.  75 is the canonical age of retirement for bishops and they are required to submit their resignation letter once they reach that age.  The Vatican also did not give a reason for allowing the early resignation. 

Under his leadership, the archdiocese gained a reputation as a "gay-friendly" diocese for hosting homosexualist events.  Also, Fr. "Oprah" was also his priest.  The guy who married his girlfriend and moved to the Episcopal Church.

You can read more of this news development here.

This is the retiring bishop...

His in Florida!  That's the reason for the shirt...

This is the one replacing him...

Seems the Holy Father is slowly cleaning house!

Next stop...the Philippines!


  1. His Holiness will need more than a broom to clean up the Philippine Church!