Monday, April 19, 2010

Is the Ateneo de Manila University still Catholic?

Monk's Hobbit posted a very interesting article about what happened during the dialogues about the "Speech-gate" of PLDT boss Manny Pangilinan.

The discussion about the the actions taken by the Board of Trustees on the resignation of Pangilinan as Chairman led to the discussion about the support of the faculty of the Ateneo for:

1.  the Reproductive Health Bill, which legalizes artificial birth control and gives the appropriate budget for this from the national government and;

2.  a professor in a Catholic University which pushes for the adoption of homosexual norms in the government, in defiance of Catholic moral teaching on homosexuality as stated in the Catechism.

With professors like these in a Catholic University, who needs heretics, schismatics and atheists?

If St. Ignatius were alive, you know he'll smack his Jesuit sons in the head.

Read more of Monk's Hobbit's post here and the interesting exchange between Dr. Quirino and Norman, a reader who has a gay brother and why he supports "gay rights".


  1. The secular University of the Philippines it seems is more Catholic in many respects than the Catholic Ateneo de Manila.

    However Ateneo has better buildings than UP has.

    Actually if Jose Rizal were alive, I'd like to ask his what he thinks of the Ateneo of today!

  2. Actually Ben if St. Ignatius were alive, I'd ask him what he thinks he would do to his sons!

  3. The reason why I say that UP is more Catholic is that the Holy Sacrifice Church is often packed with students at Mass. In the Ateneo's chapels I haven't seen that much students. But then again the Holy Sacrifice is a parish.

    Also across the road is the Protestant Church of the Risen Lord and it too is packed with students.

    I think the Faith is held more in the secular university than in the Catholic ones.