Wednesday, April 7, 2010

GULP Exam: What is this?

I showed these photos in my post about my experiences during Holy Thursday and here is what this really is:

That is the...(Hold on! Sorry if you'll lose your lunch or dinner for this.)


Yup. The altar was placed at the front of the main door of the church. Carpets or persian rugs, whatever they are called, were placed on the ramp.  The women at the foot of the altar are probably novices or postulants of a religious order.  I saw some elderly sisters standing on the side.  These young sisters are all wearing the same color of dress so I guess they are their habits.  You can also see the benches were the adorers and pilgrims sat.  And yes, no kneelers.  BUT, you can see a sister (with traditional veil) on the first photo on the lower left portion of the photo, kneeling!  Huzzah sister!

The first photo shows a blurred image of an SUV.  This shows you that the altar is just a few feet away from the noise and pollution of Commonwealth Avenue.

Holy Thursday...Altar of repose...near a busy highway?

I think they don't mix.  Was I able to pray?  Hardly.  I go to church to look for a quiet place where I can spend an hour with the Lord just as He requested at the Garden of Gethsemane.

But how can you possibly do that in this situation?

Says a lot about the priest who did all this...

Don't expect me to come looking for him for spiritual direction or invite him to deliver a talk about Eucharistic Adoration.

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