Saturday, April 24, 2010

GULP ALERT: Tons of Liturgical updates in Arch of Manila website

I was surfing the web and found a lot of links about the liturgy in the Archdiocese of Manila's website.

Things that caught my attention.

We highly discourage parishes from recruiting female altar servers.

- Though I laud the efforts of the Archdiocese to ban altar girls, I am wondering why the training of altar servers will be on the Archdiocesan level.  Is this indicative that the Liturgical Minister for the Acrhdiocese wants full control of how parishes celebrate the liturgy?

And what's up with this so-called Philippine Academy of Liturgical Research? Is Fr. Anscar really going berserk?

Stop spending your time and money listening to this man.  Just buy this book...

I think this book drives "liturgical creationists" blessed salt and holy water on demon possessed!


  1. Well at least there is still a shred of orthodoxy in the See of Manila!

  2. I have a bad experience with FEMALE ALTAR SERVERS in the Diocese of Malolos, Holy Family Parish in Sapang, Palay, Bulacan.

    The newly built house of worship was perfect for worship. However before each masses, the situation inside was like a MARKET. Before the entrance procession, the LADY ALTARS were lined up, some didn't even tie their shaggy hairs. And to my indignation, two ladies chitchat while in the isle for 30min, with a comb in one hand and candle on the other and combs her hair constantly like she's in front of a mirror.

    I tried to call the attention of one of the leading older male altar servers but to no avail.

    Adding insult to injury, though there are lots of Mass ushers in uniform, no one was checking the behavior of their own. The HERMANA's were talking so loud that in my desire to pray I can't even consentrate.

    During communion, there were small kids who line up for communion. At isa pang nagsalita "P*tang ina, ang haba ng pila.." so I told this young boy to stop receiving the communion.

    After the Mass, those sampaguita vendors even steps inside to sell their sampaguitas.. i told these needy vendors to respect the sacredness of the Church...

    I hope the parish priest of this Parish or at least the Bishop will read this comments.

    It happened not only once, it happened many times, otherwise I won't point this out.

    We need to make our Churches sacred for this is where we all worship the One TRUE God, the Bread of Life...

    I'm sure you agree with me.

  3. Dear PinoyCatholic

    Let me tell you about a Eucharistic horror in the Diocese of Pasig!

    During Communion at a Mass in that diocese, I made a sign (clasped hands in prayer) that I would like to receive the Sacred Host the old way. The Extraordinary Minister of Communion DROPPED THE HOST since he did not want it on my tongue!

    It was good that my reflexes were good and I caught the Lord in my left hand!

    Now I do know that Catholics can receive the Host orally even in churches where the indult of receiving it on the hand is given. A Catholic need only to have his hands clasped in prayer (as in the way people have done for 2000 years!)

    And BTW, the late Cardinal Sin (when Pasig was part of the Archdiocese of Manila) gave an indult for communion in the hand for public health reasons. Now with the reason gone, why is the indult still there?