Monday, April 19, 2010

GULP Alert: Photos from the Liturgical Congress of the Archdiocese of Manila

There are a lot posted in the Archdiocese's website, so I chose a few that caught my attention..

What?!?!?  That is Fr. Genaro Diwa on the podium.  He is the chief liturgist of the Archdiocese.  By the way, the What?!?!? is for the slide, not for Fr. Diwa.  Better clear that up.  Maybe because Baptism is the sacrament of initiation and the first sacrament a Christian receives?  I hope it does not play on the baptism = royal priesthood thing that leads to active participation of the laity in Mass that sort of thing.

Now this one deserves praise.  I did not even expect to see this!  Now do we expect not to see overlay stoles and rainbow vestments?  And chasu-albs?  And priests not wearing albs under their street clothes?  Hmmm...

Holy things for the Lord.  Therefore, ordinary secular or mundane items such as wine glasses WILL NEVER be acceptable to replace the chalice.  The BB in the slide probably stands for "Book of Blessings".

Take note of what was said in the slide.  I will point out a very glaring violation or even disrespect towards the Lord.  Later...

Wow!  Trent was mentioned!  How about the papal bull "Quo Primum" mentioned?  I guess not.  Wishful thinking.

Take note the sanctuary.  Notice how the tabernacle and a niche where the Bible is placed is on equal position.

Since when the printed word of God is equal to the Eternal and Incarnate Word of God?  Since when is the Book equal to that of Lord, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity present in the Holy Eucharist?  Does this kind of an architecture express our respect and devotion towards the Eucharistic Lord?  If you click on the photo, the presider's chair is in the center of sanctuary, occupying the place of honor.  Since when is the priest the center of celebration and not the Lord himself?

Tell your priest to put back the Lord in the center of your church!  Show me one church liturgical law that says that the tabernacle must be placed on the side, as the case is in this seminary chapel.

If you notice in the middle, that is Fr. Anscar Chupungco.  Yes he was there.   As what was said in Star Wars: "Where there is the apprentice, there is the master."

I wonder what was the purpose of the Congress.  By the looks of those who attended, most are lay.  Hmmm...Hard to get priests to attend the Congress?  Why are most of the attendees the laity?

We can only speculate.

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