Monday, April 19, 2010


I was working on my laptop last Friday.  The usual stuff:  office work and of course, blogging.

I got an update notification from Windows so I updated my Win Vista.  It's legal because its an OEM version.

So after the update, it prompted me to restart.

After rebooting, lo and behold, I cannot connect to the Internet either via WiFi, LAN or even using my N51 cellphone.

I did all that I could think of to get connected again and still nothing.

The only solution left is for me to use the Recovery Disk of my Toshiba laptop which unfortunately did not come with it.  Mine was bought from the US and the guy who bought it says it does not have one when he bought it but the others that we bought have the disk.


Now I am stick with my laptop doing MS Office applications and running multimedia files.  As for emails and blogging, I am using an officemates computer.

So until then...

Pray that...

...Laptop gets fixed miraculously!

...Microsoft fixes this problem which their update caused in the first place!

...My boss gives me a new laptop!  HUZZAH!

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