Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Opus Dei Archbishop to replace Baloney ehrm... Mahoney in LA!

The American Papist is reporting that Archbishop Jose Gomez of San Antonio, Texas will be appointed coadjutor-archbishop to the forgettable Roger "why he became a" Cardinal Mahony as archbishop of Los Angeles.

Knowing the legacy Cardinal Mahony leaves in LA like the once a year liturgical and theological dissent woodstock called Religous Education Congress, the sexual abuse cases (where he knows first hand of the case of Oliver O'Grady, isn't it time that a conservative bishop from Opus Dei, (hey Dan Brown, something for you to write again!) would lead in the massive house cleaning?

Pray for both men.

Pray for Cardinal Mahoney that he repents his sins...

Pray for Archbishop Gomez that he be steadfast in following faithfully the Vicar of Christ and that he be strengthened and never waver in the enormous task ahead.

Guess we hope not to see a dancing deacon and bishop in next years Religious Ed Congress, eh?

And maybe the Taj Mahoney needs a little redecoration and reconsecration?

Too much? Maybe.

Time to sing Na, na, na, na, hey, hey, GOODBYE!

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