Friday, March 12, 2010

VERY RARE: Muslim Magazine apologizes to...Catholics!

Now this is something new!  Hope this becomes a norm for Muslims rather than an exception.  Shows that a little education is part of the recipe of civility and religious tolerance.


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, MARCH 10, 2010 ( Al-Islam magazine apologized to Catholics for publishing a report in which two of its journalists profaned a consecrated host, reported Eglises d'Asie, agency of the Foreign Missions of Paris. [Remember this post?]

Archbishop Murphy Pakiam of Kuala Lumpur had asked for the apology last week after affirming that the archdiocese would not pursue legal action. [How about actions of the Catholic Church to ensure that this would not happen again?  I have a suggestion.  STOP COMMUNION IN THE HAND for starters.  Sign the petition on the left side bar!  DO IT NOW!]

Two days later the directors of the monthly publication issued a public apology for the actions last May of two Muslim journalists who attended a Mass and, posing as Christians, took Communion. They spat out the hosts, and one took a photograph. They later criticized and ridiculed Christian beliefs in an article published in al-Islam magazine. [In the Muslim world, a fatah would have been issued.  Rallies and riots in the streets.  Hooligans trying to desperately cut their own jugulars by screaming their lungs out.  Desecrations of anything related to Christianity.  In other words, utter chaos!  You do this to the Catholic Church.  What do you get? "Let's sit down for tea and DIALOGUE!"  When do we get concrete action for this to STOP!  AGAIN I say...SIGN THE PETITION!  You as a Catholic can do a lot.]

The incident was reported to the police, who accused the two of having "caused disharmony, feelings of enmity and hatred, and undermining religious harmony in the country."

Penalties for this offense in Malaysia include imprisonment for two to five years. The charges, however, were later dropped. [&*^%$#@$%]

The editors of al-Islam magazine explained that the intention of his journalists was not to offend the religious feelings of Catholics and that the two journalists were investigating rumors about the conversion of Muslim girls to Christianity. [And so what was their intent of posing as Catholics and then spitting the Sacred Host and THEN taking a photograph of the desecrated Host and THEN publishing IT?  If it is not religious mockery then you can just go a call every Muslim a terrorist!]

The apology will be published in the April issue of al-Islam, which goes on sale in mid-March.


Very rare for a Muslim organization to issue an apology.

Very rare for Catholic bishop to make a decisive action to stop desecrations of the Holy Eucharist.

Very rare.

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